Sweet treats building up on Trenton

By: Bri Hallman

Email: Hallmanb@findlay.edu

In less than a month, University of Findlay students will once again be able to enjoy an American classic. Dunkin Donuts is coming back to Findlay for the first time in years after its two previous locations were dropped by the previous franchise owners.

Construction for the new store on Trenton Avenue began in the fall of 2018, and the location is said to open by February 2019. Unlike the stores of old, Dunkin will now include high-tech features to bring its store into the new digital age.

Development lead of the project Paul Rubenstein said the Findlay location will be the company’s sixth store nationwide to feature self-order kiosks, mobile ordering via the Dunkin application, and a convenient drive-thru.

“Having people use the mobile app to order before going through the drive-thru will make the process faster and easier for the customers,” said Rubenstein.

There have been mixed opinions from the Findlay students. Some like senior and Findlay resident Kaitlyn Kniss are excited for Dunkin’s return.

“There haven’t been many coffee options near the highway for a long time, so it will be so nice to have that option again, along with their donuts,” said Kniss.

However, she is wondering how Dunkin will compete with Biggby Coffee who is planning to move into the recently closed Spaghetti Shop just a few businesses down on Trenton Avenue. However, Dunkin will be one step ahead since Biggby has not currently announced official move-in dates.

UF alum Brandon Edelbrock describes himself as “a lover of all things donuts,” but as a someone who grew up in Findlay, he is a loyal Fort Findlay customer.

“I believe it’s very important to buy local, and a chain really just can’t beat Fort Findlay’s homemade donuts. They are good, reliable donuts that go great with Fort Findlay’s coffee.”

The students’ consensus says that it will be popular to have such a well-known brand with extended store hours near the college campus. It also gives students the opportunity to earn some extra money as the store plans to hire 35 workers.

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