ReStore Gets a New Home

By: Bri Hallman


Friday, Feb. 8 Habitat ReStore in Findlay will celebrate a grand opening at its brand new location.

The Habitat ReStore website describes itself as a “retail outlet where quality, used and surplus building materials are sold at a fraction of normal prices. Proceeds from the ReStore help Habitat fund the construction of Habitat homes within our community.”

And while Habitat for Humanity is known for making a difference in communities the community of Findlay, including University of Findlay students, are making a difference for them.

UF students helped moved ReStore from its previous location, 2042 Tiffin Avenue to its new location on the west side of town.

Habitat operates ReStore, opened in 2010, which repurposes old furniture and appliances, providing the community with low-cost goods and a way to recycle. ReStore, originally on Tiffin Avenue, has diverted more than 970 tons of used goods away from landfills.

Executive Director of ReStore Wendy McCormick knows that ReStore Findlay wouldn’t be possible without the support of local volunteers and businesses. Over 1,200 volunteers donated more than 10,000 hours of their time to renovate their new home and make the move.

“Over 50 corporations donated time and materials to assure we could move and renovate the space. We are blessed with an extremely generous community and wouldn’t be in ReStore without everyone’s generous support,” said McCormick.

University of Findlay’s Habitat for Humanity student chapter took part in the move that was three months in the making. Eleven members, plus one helpful canine, of the club helped with the transfer of equipment and furniture these past weeks.

Not only do students get sign-off volunteer hours and the satisfaction of helping a local non-profit, but they have access to dorm essentials such as mini-fridges and home goods at a discount.

The move was required and recommended due to increasing costs and the sale of the Tiffin Avenue building.

“The new building at 1200 Commerce Parkway provides efficient space for ALL ReStore and administrative operations under roof,” said McCormick.

As an organization that champions home ownership and self-reliability, McCormick says they are excited for the opportunity to practice what they preach. Acquiring a new warehouse along with renovations mean large expenses, but the organization has a plan.

“We are committed to paying off our mortgage note and construction loan through the ‘Home of Our Own’ $1.4 million Capital Campaign as soon as possible so we don’t have any debt,” said McCormick. “Owning our building frees up more funds for our mission to lower overhead.”

The building will be dedicated Saturday, Feb. 9 at 9:30 a.m. and doors will open at 10 a.m. Store hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10 5 p.m.







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