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By: Alexis Mitchell
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This past Friday, Nov. 10, the University of Findlay celebrated Veterans Day by revealing the new Honor Wall in the College of Business and Center for Student Life building. The Honor Wall features 614 names of past and present Oilers who currently and have served our country.
The ceremony began at 8 a.m. with UF Alumni Lauran Glover as the guest speaker. Lauren is from the class of 2011 and studied psychology at the University. After graduation, her plan was to work with military members suffering from PTSD, but she thought she needed a more personal experience with the military. This led to her decision to join the United States Army.
One of Glover’s big accomplishment while serving in the U.S military was becoming the first female drill captain in 2015.
“It was really exciting,” said Glover, “I think it was the right place at the right time.”
Captain Glover made a point to mention that less than 1% serve in the United States Military. She is proud to be part of a school that recognizes such a small population.
This was Glover’s first visit to UF’s campus in six years. She enjoyed reminiscing on her days as an Oiler but also enjoys seeing new additions on campus like the College of Business building.
“It’s changed so much but it’s the same in certain ways,” said Glover.
After Glover’s speech, Jerry Clark, a representative from the class of 1966 spoke. Every 50th anniversary that a class graduates from UF, the class gives a “class gift” to the University of Findlay. Without the generosity from the class of 1966, the Honor Wall would not have been possible.
“We are incredibly proud of these Honor Wall veterans and all veterans for their sacrifices and services,” said Clark.
The class of 1967’s class gift will be funds to keep the wall growing with more names.
The President of the University of Findlay, Dr. Katherine Fell, then stepped up to the podium to speak. She publicly signed a statement that states UF will be a veteran friendly campus from now on. Dr. Fell said that by creating the Honor Wall and signing the statement, the University voices a commitment not only to the veterans recognized, but to all generations that will follow.
As for the future of the Honor Wall, it continues to grow. Donald Ellswick, assistant professor of environmental safety and occupational health and chemistry, as well as a veteran himself, believes the future is bright for the wall. UF plans to add as many names of Oilers who have served and continue to serve on the wall.
“We’re hoping this wall just takes over the entire building and spreads,” said Ellswick.
After Dr. Fell Spoke, alumni board of governors, student alumni, faculty and staff took turns reading all the names on the wall.
If you know someone who previously, or currently serves and attended UF, the application to add new names to the wall can be found online.
“We honor different people, different ideas, and we honor those who have served the country and have made an impact throughout the world,” said Ellswick.

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