November is men’s health awareness month

‘Movember: Changing the Face of Masculinity’ 

Larissa Holmes 

While some may know November only as “No Shave November,” taking the challenge in full stride, the month is also a chance to highlight men’s health awareness and advocacy. The University of Findlay is taking the challenge a step further to incorporate issues of sexual health, mental health, and physical health. 

Matthew Bruskotter, assistant dean for environmental, safety, security, and emergency management is a member of OC3. He described the purpose of the event as a way “to raise awareness and offer programming to highlight the issues identified for Movember.” 

Calendars highlighting all the events can be spotted all over campus, providing facts about men’s health. 

In past years, the event was handled and run by the faculty involved with Oilers Changing Campus Culture (OC3). However, the event has begun to expand in the past few years due to an increase in student involvement. The faculty began looking for ways to tailor the programming and educational efforts directly to the students’ needs. OC3 started adding student advisers as a way to engage students’ interests. 

The Movember event was started with a Kick Off Party in the AMU on Nov. 1. During the party, OC3 announced their Oiler No Shave Contest. Those interested in registering had to present themselves at the part with a clean shaven face. Throughout the month, participants known as a “Mo Bro” must grow and groom their facial hair, using the “power of the beard to create conversations about men’s health.” In addition to the party and the contest, OC3 hosted a Men’s Leadership Luncheon on Nov. 10 and a Guys Night Out event on Nov. 16. For future events coming up this month, students can refer to the Movember calendar. 

For student OC3 adviser, Austin Gardner, Movember is a time for men to take a stand in their life for the better. 

“As a man, I need to make myself live a healthier lifestyle,” he said. “By caring about my own health, other men can see the impact it has made on me personally. Therefore they can follow by caring about their own lifestyle.” 

Gardner hopes that by growing out a mustache or a beard, male students can bring awareness to others on campus. He says that students can get involved in Movember by coming to the events this month and spreading the word to their friends. 

“Health is one of the most important things in life,” said Gardner. 

He says that students can contact the advisers of OC3 for more information. Bruskotter and Rachel Walter, assistant dean of students and Title IX coordinator, encourage students to become involved in Movember by reaching out to either one of them to become OC3 student advisers as well as attending the events themselves throughout the month.

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