Big first half led to big homecoming win for OilerNation

By Kevin Schrock

By the time the University of Findlay had crowned a homecoming king and queen at halftime of the Oiler football game on Saturday, the game was already virtually out of reach for the opposing Hillsdale Chargers. In the most dominating half of football the Oilers played all year, they jumped out to a 34-0 lead at the half and finished with a 46-28 win.

“Our offense, defense, and special teams in the first half was about as clean as you can get,” said Findlay coach Rob Keys. “When you’re up 34 you’re going to have to do a lot wrong to end up losing.”

Much of the success offensively was thanks to Chauncey Bridges who had been relatively quiet for much of the year. With the offensive line finally matching up with someone other than the likes of Wayne State and Ferris State’s monster lineman, they opened holes for the junior running back and he found them. He rushed for 193 yards and three touchdowns, which was good enough to earn him a Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC) Player of the Week award.

However, even with the win, Coach Keys knows that there are things to work on.

“In the second half we just played so inconsistent and it goes to show how small the difference is between winning and losing and being successful and not,” said Keys. “It’s always good to win but it’s also good to win and have things to teach off of too.”

The Oilers will now set their sights on the Tiffin Dragons. They will travel to Frost-Kalnow Stadium on Saturday to take on their rival for a 1:30 p.m. kickoff.

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