Housing update: New event encourages students to live on campus

By Jordyn Willis

The time has come again for students living on campus to look at housing arrangements for the next year. That means it’s also time again for a housing update to bring to light the new changes and events the University of Findlay has arranged.

According to Rachel Walter, director of housing, there have been no major changes in the housing arrangement process for students to go through during housing sign-ups.

Walter says that all housing assignments are based on credit hours and there has been no major shift in demand this past school year.

One way that the student housing department has tried to inform students that live on campus about the housing process was through an event called the Housing Palooza.

Housing Palooza took place on Wednesday, Feb. 18 from 5-8 p.m. During this event, students had the opportunity to tour various on-campus housing locations as well as ask any questions they might have had.

Student affairs provided information sheets, snacks, and balloons to the students who attended this event.

The goal for this event was to inform the students of their housing options and answer any questions about the housing process that they may have had.

“This was an opportunity to get clarification on the housing sign-up process and check out where students might want to live next year,” said Walter.

It’s too early to say the impact that this event has had, but Walter says that it seems to have gone well for students who attended.

“Housing signup has not yet occurred so I cannot say what impact it had,” said Walter. “We have heard from many students that they enjoyed and appreciated the event.”

Walter wants students who live on campus to know that all housing options hold different qualities that can be a right fit for different students, and the housing department is willing to work with students to find that best fit.

Brittany Archer, a freshman animal science major, who currently lives in Deming Hall this year has been nothing but pleased with her on-campus living experience.

“My experience of living on campus has been great. I got to meet some amazing people and I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything,” said Archer.

Even though Archer is commuting to the University from off-campus this upcoming fall, she has only good things to say about the housing options provided to her.

“I chose to move off campus and commute because it was cheaper,” said Archer.

Archer says that students who are looking for a safe, clean environment to live in on campus, Findlay’s student housing department will not disappoint.

There are many options for the students choosing their housing for the next school year. Some of which include Deming, Lovett, Fox, Bare, Morey, the Village, the Haven, the townhouses, the cottages, Oiler Point, Derick’s Square, and campus houses.

“The University of Findlay has many great on-campus housing options available to student and even if you don’t get your first choice, we can always explore other options that would be a great fit,” said Walter.

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