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From the tennis court to the baseball diamond

By: Dylan DeWitt Twitter: @dd_witt Email: dewittd@findlay.edu Findlay Oiler athletics have continued to show the conference, and the nation, what kind of student athletes the University of Findlay has. In the last week, the University of Findlay was ranked seventh among all Division II institutions for athletic department performance this year. This has been made […]

Two UF student athletes compete at 2018 Commonwealth Games

By: Cory William Berlekamp Twitter: @Cberlekamp Email: berlekampc@findlay.edu Over Easter weekend, two members of the University of Findlay track team flew from Ohio to Australia to represent their home country, the British Virgin Islands, at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. The Commonwealth Games are like the Summer Olympics in every way, with the exception that the […]

Who is allowed in the varsity weight room?

By: Trevia Gumbs Email: gumbst1@findlay.edu In having a weight room with a schedule that caters to varsity athletics, the question remains if University of Findlay students and student-athletes alike should have separate work out facilities. Oiler Athletics is home to 24 collegiate sports including both men and women’s track, basketball, swimming, and soccer just to […]

Club sport brings women together

By: Louisa Woltermann Twitter: @louisa_wolt Email: woltermannl@findlay.edu The University of Findlay’s rugby team, created in 2011, brings women together both as a club and as a sport. Kaitlyn McCann, rugby president, says her favorite part of being involved in rugby is the unity. “I have bonded with the girls on this team more than I […]

Oilers Club supports over 600 athletes

By: Markell McCoy Email: Mccoym@findlay.edu The Oilers Club works behind the scenes of athletics as the official booster club for sports at the University of Findlay. However, not everyone might understand what the club does behind the scenes in support of more than 600 athletes. Associate Athletic Director for Development and Business at the University, […]

Not just along for the ride

By: Stephanie Radloff Twitter: @SRadloffUF Email: radloffs@findlay.edu “You just sit there.” “The horse does all the work.” “Horseback riding isn’t a sport.” These are statements almost every equestrian athlete has heard at some point in their lives. “As a serious equestrian, these statements are hard to hear,” said University of Findlay senior IHSA Hunt Seat […]

The toll of being a student athlete in college

By: Abigail Frye Twitter: @Abigail_EF Email: fryea@findlay.edu Being a student and an athlete is never easy, as students and faculty at the University of Findlay both agree. With school and sports combining to make for a busy schedule, student athletes sometimes find it difficult to find the time for it all. “The main struggle of […]