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“The Starling,” a grief cliché

By: Minal Bista bistam@findlay.edu Despite Melfi’s star studded star cast, “The Starling” falls short of expectations Directed by Theodore Melfi and written by the debut writer Matt Harris, “The Starling,” feels like a sorrow-based hallmark movie where the endings are forced to be good. After Melfi’s last film, 2016’s “Hidden Figures,” there were great expectations […]

“Mank”: Oscar bait at its finest

By: Collin Frazier frazierc@findlay.edu @Collin_53 A movie that is getting too much praise With the Academy Awards right around the corner, something I have come to accept is that there will always be one film that tries way too hard to get nominations. Over the years, some of these included “La La Land” and “Green […]

“Sound of Metal”: A cadence to remember

By: Collin Frazier frazierc@findlay.edu @Collin_53 Well-designed sound, a rockin’ lead role, and a look into the Deaf community With the 93rd Academy Awards right around the corner, different films have the chance to claim the ultimate prize: Best Picture. Among those include “Sound of Metal”, streaming now on Prime Video. While the title may make […]

“Nomadland”: A trip through Western America

By: Collin Frazier frazierc@findlay.edu @Collin_53 Frances McDormand guides this authentic journey through America I really like movies, to say the least. And with most films that I enjoy, there is a driving plot that makes you want to watch until the end. Be it saving the world, a main character redeeming themselves, or stopping the […]

“Judas and the Black Messiah”: A reminder that history repeats itself

By: Collin Frazier frazierc@findlay.edu @Collin_53 Incredible performances, great writing, and important messages galore in this recently released film We are always told in our school history classes that the reason we learn history is because it serves as a means to prevent things from happening. I am here to tell you that in order for […]

“Soul”, reminding us that life is about the journey, not the destination

By: Collin Frazier frazierc@findlay.edu @Collin_53 Pixar knocks it out of the park once again When it comes to the realm of animated films, one of the true titans is Pixar Animation. Even though their formula is rather repetitive: funny side characters, tear jerk moments, etc., the crazy thing is even though I fully expect all […]

Movie Review: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri

By: Yinka Adeboyejo Email: adeboyejoa@findlay.edu Twitter: @YinkaAdeboyejo The film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri has a wonder cast with a lot of different roles under their belts. The main character is a woman named Mildred who, after her daughter was raped and murdered, put up three billboards asking the chief of police, played by Woody […]

Movie Review: Red Sparrow

By: William Adeboyejo Email: Adeboyejoa@findlay.edu At first glance, the film Red Sparrow would seem like just your everyday, run-of-the-mill spy story. The basic plot is about a Russian ballerina who only cares about her sick mother, gets hurt, and then is recruited to a “Sparrow” school where students are trained to use their body to […]

I will not go to a movie on its opening weekend, except Black Panther

By: Cory William Berlekamp Twitter: @Cberlekamp Email: Belekampc@findlay.edu With another movie production in the bag, Marvel Studios watched Black Panther pull in an estimated $201.8 million during its’ first weekend in theaters. This beat out Thor: Ragnarok which made $115 million in comparison. That number does not surprise me after seeing the lines at the […]