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Green campus club

By: Leah Palm Twitter: @_palmegranate Email: Palml@findlay.edu The idea of creating a movement has become profound in recent years. Whether it is a #metoo or a protest on the street, inspired people work every day to create a change in their communities. At the University of Findlay, students have begun to create a movement aimed […]

New student organizations this semester

By: Louisa Woltermann Twitter: @louisa_wolt Email: woltermannl@findlay.edu With a new semester, the University of Findlay offers four new student organizations. These new organizations are Empowerment for Business Oriented Women, Oilers Changing Campus Culture (OC3), Save the Bees, and the Writing Center Club. The series of steps to create a student organization includes finding an advisor, […]

Politics and UF clubs

By: Cory W. Berlekamp Almost a year after the federal election, political clubs on the University of Findlay’s campus are losing members. With the start of a new school year, students are deciding which activities and clubs to join. With so many different clubs on campus, picking one can be a hard task. Many students […]