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UF’s Colleges against Cancer club to hold 7th annual Relay for Life

By Ellen Hoffman and Devon Aragona There’s no place like home or in this case there’s no place like Findlay. This year’s theme for the University of Findlay’s Colleges against Cancer club’s seventh annual Relay for Life event is the Wizard of Oz. Colleges against Cancer have been an active club for more than five […]

Hope amidst the rubble: University creates relief fund for Sherman’s family

By Jordyn Willis @willisjordyn On Jan. 29 tragedy and sadness filled the hearts of the University of Findlay, its students, and staff when Tim Sherman, senior theater major, lost his family home and possessions in a fire. At 7:30 p.m., Sherman’s home at 233 Elm Street in Findlay caught fire due to electrical error within […]

UF’s spring job fair reports 4 percent turnout

By Grant Covault On Feb. 10, 170 University of Findlay students attended the spring job fair at the Alumni Memorial Union on campus. UF has nearly 3,700 students enrolled; therefore, 170 is around 4 percent participation. “It is frustrating,” stated Phil Gunder, director of internships and cooperative education at UF. “Those who come to the […]

Jack Taylor: The man who rebuilt UF’s band

By Hannah Dunbar @hanndunbar Jack Taylor, professor of music and band director, has made significant changes to the bands since he started at the University of Findlay in 1980. The West Chester University and Yale University graduate has experience as a professional player, touring and recording artist and has been teaching music for 37 years. […]

Tragedy on college campuses: What would UF do in a crisis?

By Sarah Stubbs Co-editor The University of Findlay has been increasingly aware of crisis management and preparation due to the number of campus shootings and violent acts that have occurred over the past decade. According to Matthew Bruskotter, assistant dean for environmental safety, security and emergency management, UF has a detailed crisis response plan that […]

Title IX compliance causes skepticism, concerns at UF

By Sarah Stubbs C0-editor  Some coaches and student athletes are skeptical about Title IX compliance at the University of Findlay. A UF coach says that if the University were to get audited by the NCAA, he would be concerned. According to Women’s Sports Foundation, “Title IX of the Education Amendments act of 1972 is a […]

Plagiarism on the rise: Faculty at the University of Findlay differ with academic dishonesty policies

By Abbey Nickel Editor  Academic dishonesty is an issue that administrators and faculty at the University of Findlay deal with on a regular basis – but this year alone, administrators are seeing an uptick, especially in plagiarism cases. Vice President for Academic Affairs Darin Fields said he, along with other administrators, made the observation of […]

Say what? Professors speak up about what they wish they could tell students

By Jacob King  Staff writer  It’s no secret that students refrain from saying certain things to professors–but what do professors withhold from students? Professors at the University of Findlay open up about what they wish they could tell students. Christine Denecker, associate professor of English, shared some humor about what she thinks when absent students email her asking if […]

University upgrades security system, more cameras installed

By Sarah Stubbs  Co-editor  The University of Findlay has invested $560,000 into an update in the security system: brand new cameras all around campus. Kenneth Walerius, director of safety and security says that these new cameras are putting the University ahead of the curve. “We’ve updated about 370 cameras from analog to IP—which means the […]

UFTV makes a comeback at the University of Findlay

By Claire Crum After going dark in 2012, UFTV is making a comeback, and will be collaborating with a student organization to produce content for thousands of homes across Hancock County. UF productions is a student run communications/ television club that is looking to give members experience working with technology and television as well as […]

University officials clarify sexual assault investigation process after two separate incidents

By Abbey Nickel After two separate sexual assault investigations at the University of Findlay during the fall semester, University officials are working to help educate more students about how the investigation process works and what the student body can do to help prevent more cases. The latest investigation at the University of Findlay led to […]

University announces transition to hybrid campus police department

By Sarah Stubbs Students, faculty and staff received a university update on Oct. 28 announcing that the Board of Trustees approved the transition of The University of Findlay’s Campus Security to a hybrid Campus Security-Campus Police Department. Along with the announcement email came a power point presentation that outlined considerations, research, crime statistics, comparisons and […]

UF football player expelled in new sexual assault investigation

By Abbey Nickel Another football player from the University of Findlay has been expelled following a new and separate sexual assault investigation that took place last week. According to Dave Emsweller, vice president for student affairs, the student who was dismissed is Laceem McCall, a freshman defensive lineman from Suwanee Georgia. McCall was dismissed on […]

Athletic Department moves forward after sexual assault incident

By Sarah Stubbs With football season in full swing and basketball season right around the corner, the sexual assault investigation that led to the dismissal of Justin Browning and Alphonso Baity, have been impactful to not only The University, but especially to the athletic department. On Oct. 6 Dave Emsweller, vice president of student affairs, […]

University addresses confusion surrounding student expulsions

By Abbey Nickel and Jacob King  In the aftermath of a sexual assault investigation at the University of Findlay that ended in the dismissal of two student-athletes Justin Browning and Alphonso Baity , students and parents have been left with questions surrounding the investigation and University policies regarding sexual assault allegations. Dave Emsweller, vice president […]

Two student athletes expelled following sexual assault investigation

By Abbey Nickel Two student athletes at the University of Findlay have been expelled following a sexual assault investigation that took place last week. University officials have confirmed that Alphonso Baity, a junior basketball player, and Justin Browning, a sophomore football player, were dismissed from campus on Oct. 3.  The incident was reported on Oct. […]

An unexpected ‘Dream’ helps Wiser make her own dreams a reality

By Abbey Nickel @abbeynickel     Janelle Wiser’s dream has always been to attend the University of Findlay and to follow the path of becoming a veterinarian. But not long after starting her education, challenges at home put that dream in jeopardy. “I remember her smiling the entire way there, and the entire way home […]

Kinsinger takes CHAARG at the University of Findlay

By Sarah Stubbs @sstubmuffin Living in an American culture that is so concerned about image, a group of girls in the Midwest are emerging from the shadows of unattainable perfection – the girls of CHAARG. CHAARG stands for changing health attitudes and actions to recreate girls. It’s a movement that was started at The Ohio […]

Findlay enrollment up

By Jordyn Willis @willisjordyn The beginning of this fall semester has brought a larger number of new and diverse faces to The University of Findlay. With the release of Registrar’s eight-day report, not only has general enrollment increased eight percent this semester compared to last, but it has also shown a dramatic increase in international […]

New greenhouse project stirring up business at findlay

By Brooke Boznango  @missboznango What first started as an idea has now become a reality for The University of Findlay: a greenhouse on campus to provide student, faculty, and staff with fresh, non-GMO produce. This past summer, students and volunteers, both inside and outside of the university, came together to construct a hoop house on […]