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UF ‘greeks out’ in September

By: Lauren Wolters Greek Week at UF returns to normalcy The Kolor Run kicked off Greek Life’s Greek Week in the parking lot of Alumni Memorial Union (AMU) at 6 p.m. on Monday August 30. On Tuesday August 31 6-8 p.m., Phi Sigma Sigma gave away ice cream and held an ice cream eating […]

“Love Orange. Live Green,” takes on a new meaning with UF’s new recycling partnership

By: Lauren Wolters UF signs five-year contract with Rumpke for co-mingled recycling Beginning Sept. 1, the University of Findlay will partner with Rumpke Waste & Recycling for co-mingled campus recycling. This means that students, faculty, and staff will no longer have to sort their own recycling. There will be one bin for all types […]

Financial literacy learning at the “Financial U”

By: Lauren Wolters The Union Bank Co. presents free financial literacy tools to all ages, especially college students The Union Bank Co. launched the Financial University, “the Financial U,” to improve financial literacy for all ages during April, which is also national financial literacy month. The Financial U is an external website that can […]

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day continues to be absolutely incredible for the SAB


By: Lauren Wolters The University of Findlay’s Student Activities Board (SAB) wrote about 100 letters to children on Absolutely Incredible Kid Day  The University of Findlay’s Student Activities Board (SAB) wrote about 100 letters to children on Absolutely Incredible Kid Day, in the Alumni Memorial Union on March 12. The Camp Fire partnered event […]

“United We Stand”: UF Japanese program fights against hate crimes

By: Lauren Wolters UF raises awareness to the recent uptick of Asian hate crimes in the United States The University of Findlay’s Japanese program invited two speakers, Grace Leng and Sachiyo Peterson, from the Columbus area to share their experience as Asian Americans. This event occurred virtually on Zoom April 12 from 6 p.m. […]

UF students and staff face the ups and downs of hosting SSC Day virtually

By: Lauren Wolters Previous SSC Days were held in person. Last year’s was completely asynchronous, and this year’s SSC Day incorporated a little of both strategies Normally, the Symposium for Scholarship and Creativity (SSC Day) is a full day event held face-to-face with sessions taking place all over campus—Winebrenner, Old Main, CBSL, Davis Street […]

Of all the bird brain ideas…

UF students prep for research by learning to dissect pigeon brains By Heather Brimmer You normally wouldn’t think of pigeons when you think about research, but it turns out that those birdbrains are pretty useful to the study of psychology. For Taylor Hudson, a University of Findlay freshman studying animal science/pre-vet, pigeon research is […]

BREAKING NEWS: Johnson & Johnson vaccine administration temporarily paused

  By: Leah Alsept @l_mac0913   Per State of Ohio update, all Johnson & Johnson vaccine administration have been paused as of Tuesday, April 13. This pause is in reaction to a statement released by the FDA recommending a stop due to an extremely rare blood clot occurring after receiving the vaccine.   […]

UF art faculty and students primed for the Student Art & Design Exhibition

By: Lauren Wolters The University of Findlay’s Juried Art Show is back after being cancelled last year This year’s Juried Art Gallery showcases the wide array of talent among University of Findlay student artists. The gallery will be on display in the Lea Gallery of the Virginia B. Gardner Fine Arts Pavilion from April […]

All hands are on deck to keep the Mazza Museum running amid COVID-19

By: Lauren Wolters The Mazza Museum continues to teach the UF community despite altered operations Shortly after he started at the University of Findlay’s Mazza Museum, Dan Chudzinski, the museum’s curator, met Marc Brown, creator of the “Arthur” book series at an artist conference. Brown gave the museum an original piece of art, and […]

How professors adapted to online learning

By: Makena Doseck Professors reflect on how virtual learning has changed their teaching styles The faculty at UF have had to deal with switching their classes that were mainly in-person to a fully virtual or hybrid classroom.  With COVID-19’s rapid spread, many professors had to scramble to get their courses adjusted to online work […]

Uncertainty remains for Spring 2021 graduation

By: Sydney Kin Worries hound University of Findlay students while an altered graduation looms around the corner Graduation will continue to look different for the 2021 seniors, not unlike their predecessors from the class of 2020. “I personally think graduation will still be on in the Spring because there is a vaccine now,” Senior […]

Hoping for a vaccinated Oiler Nation

By: Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 UF is ready to give vaccines to Oilers once dosages come in Ohioans 16 and older can now get the coronavirus vaccine, according to DeWine’s updated vaccine eligibility plan. “Phase 2D” states that older teens and young adults are able to be vaccinated beginning March 29. A full list of […]

Women in Power: Dr. Katherine Fell

By: Emma Smith @Emma2000Smith The second interviewee in the Women in Power Series is Dr. Katherine Fell, President of the University of Findlay since 2010. She is also a wife and mother to six children. She spoke about the importance of staying grounded in your beliefs as a leader. What does leadership mean to […]

UF discontinues MAT program due to COVID-19 and financial reasons

Lauren Wolters Where has UF’s Master of Athletic Training program gone? Athletics has answers for grad students The University of Findlay withdrew from its Master of Athletic Training (MAT) program July 31, 2020. UF’s MAT program was accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE), the governing body of athletic training […]

Surviving COVID: Tips for students

By: Heather Brimmer Getting through college is not an easy task. Getting through college during a global pandemic is even harder A year ago, students were returning from spring break and settling in to get back to work. Now, students at the University of Findlay are finding as many ways as they can to […]

Update: More than a dozen cars vandalized on campus

By: Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 Reports on the two suspects accused of vandalizing 15 cars on the University of Findlay campus on March 4 have been referred to both the Juvenile Prosecutor’s office and the Municipal Prosecutor’s office. On Friday, March 5, Campus Police Officer Ross Wentling was on routine patrol at 10:48 a.m. when […]

Vandalism at the University of Findlay has students shocked

By: Leah Alsept, additional reporting by Ethan Hockaday @l_mac0913 15 cars were vandalized late Thursday night behind the Davis Street Building on UF’s campus Psychology and Occupational Therapy major Reagan Ward drove herself and her roommate back to their dorm at 9 p.m. Thursday night and turned in the only parking spot open […]

More than a dozen cars vandalized on campus

University of Findlay Campus police sent out a UF Update via email shortly before 1 p.m. Friday March 5 requesting help in an investigation into vandalized cars on campus. The incident was discovered Friday morning in the parking lot behind the Davis Street Building. Fifteen cars were vandalized according to the University police. Some cars […]

Looking back on the January inauguration

By: Heather Brimmer Vice President Kamala Harris inspires UF students and faculty Many months after the hotly debated and long-awaited election season began, Kamala Harris made United States history. Harris has officially broken racial and gender barriers that have been in place for more than 200 years. As the first woman vice president, the […]

Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures loom over Findlay

By: Lauren Wolters Punxsutawney Phil predicted it—another 6 weeks of a cold winter blankets the nation February has arrived, and it has brought more snow and colder temperatures along with it. Temperatures in Findlay fell to single digits this past weekend. Counting the wind chill, temperatures hovered around 0 degrees Fahrenheit. The recent snow […]

QB Superstars Face-off in Super Bowl LV

NFL logo

Brady hoping for ring #7 while Mahomes ready to begin his own dynasty By: Collin Frazier @Collin_53 With the sports world being shaken by COVID-19, many were wondering how normal of a sports season 2020-2021 would be. Fortunately, the NFL was able to have both a complete season and postseason, culminating in Super Bowl […]

Young and healthy Americans may not get vaccinated until summer or beyond

By: Lauren Wolters Young Americans are at a standstill for getting vaccines— they can’t stand in line to get one just yet The question of when young and healthy Americans will be able to get vaccinated for COVID-19 remains unanswered.  With the recent shift of power from former President Donald Trump to current President Joe Biden, the distribution of […]

Making a national statement

By: Collin Frazier @Collin_53 Sydney Kin earns USBWA National Player of The Week honors The University of Findlay basketball season has been in full swing since the winter break. The UF men’s and women’s teams showed off their skills and have received various accolades since the season began, including one such individual—Sydney Kin. Carey, […]

UF prepares for in person classes with mandatory COVID-19 testing

By: Emma Smith Plenty of coronavirus tests have made it to the University of Findlay’s campus, but Oilers will have to wait for vaccines Face-to-face classes started at the University of Findlay on Tuesday, but before students were allowed to be in class, they were required to take a rapid COVID-19 test to ensure […]

Biden is sworn in as the 46th President of the United States

By: Emma Smith After a tumultuous campaign season and an even more divisive few weeks, Joseph Biden Jr. is officially the 46th U.S. president It’s official– Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been sworn in to serve as the leaders of the United States. Biden’s first speech to the public as 46th President […]

How will history remember Trump?

President Trump still refuses to concede By Collin Frazier @Collin_53 After an election season full of mudslinging, the 2020 Election reached its conclusion on Nov. 7, with former Vice President Joe Biden securing the necessary 270 electoral votes for presidency with 306 total. This makes Donald Trump the first president since George H.W. Bush, […]

UFTV working to keep the community in the game

By Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44 Croy gymnasium on the University of Findlay campus is known for its “sixth man” presence. It’s legendary. The Findlay community embraces their favorite basketball teams and pack the stands at games. This basketball season that special ingredient will be missing from the Oiler basketball games as COVID-19 restrictions are keeping […]

UF’s Student Government Association looks to new and old COVID-19 policies for the spring semester

By Lauren Wolters University of Findlay’s Student Government Association (SGA) was highly involved in the university’s COVID-19 policies since they were first adopted this year.  Ashlyn Coleman, the Sergeant at Arms of the SGA says that at the SGA retreat this past August, much of the members’ attention was on the COVID-19 policies.  “We spent a decent portion of our […]

Two universities handle COVID-19 in slightly different ways

By Courtney Koebel @courtneykoebel      COVID-19 has changed campuses around the country. Some going to virtual learning and some still attending in person classes. The Governor of Ohio Mike DeWine has given universities the freedom to create their own COVID-19 response and only required them to report their cases to the students and community […]

Under pressure

Students and staff open up about how they study and manage their stress. By Kayla Canterbury      Junior criminal justice and psychology major at the University of Findlay Alyssa McDonald is feeling the same as many other UF students. Stressed. As the final week of classes approaches at the University of Findlay, students are […]

University of Findlay’s recent deer crash creates a stir in “Hendoe” Dining Hall

By Kelsey Baughman University of Findlay Henderson Dining Hall received an unexpected guest, a doe, who made quite a bold entrance smashing through two windows during lunch on Oct. 23. Paul Pavala, a Senior Computer Science major with an emphasis on Web and Database at the University of Findlay, was one of the students […]

Preparing for a very COVID-19 holiday

By Emma Smith With just days of face-to-face learning left for University of Findlay students thoughts are turning to Thanksgivings Day. UF junior education major, Hannah Otley, says Thanksgiving is going to look a little different at her house this year. She says her family is taking extra precautions to make sure their family […]

UF Professors adopt new strategies to fend off COVID-19

By Lauren Wolters With Turkey Day approaching and COVID-19 circling the University of Findlay community like a vulture, the UF community seems to have a lot more on their plates this year. Both students and faculty’s plates were piled high with the normal stress of a semester and the added stress of COVID-19 procedures. […]