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Zombieland: Double Tap: While it may be a little unnecessary, makes up in humor and action

By: Dylan Frazier Email: frazierd@findlay,edu Twitter: @dylanfrazier44   The year was 2009, gas prices were through the roof, Obama just took office, and iPod Touches were the coolest thing ever made. We also began to see the first wave of zom-coms (zombie comedies) come out and very few had the acclaim that Ruben Fleischer’s Zombieland […]

Old Main: Home of steep stairs and…ghosts?

Leah Alsept @l_mac0913   Old Main is the oldest building on the University of Findlay’s campus. According to the University of Findlay building history timeline, the construction of the building started in the late 1800s. The building was not completed when classes started in 1886, so classes were held on the third floor while […]

Japan comes to the University of Findlay

Emma Smith @Emma2000Smith Throughout this week, the University of Findlay has been holding events that have Japanese influences. This week is known as Japanese Week. From a film showing to a concert, UF is hoping to bring the Japanese culture to Findlay. These events are put on by the Japan Foundation. The events were […]

Women of the Future

By: Taylor Christensen Email- Twitter- @TayChristensen1 The Empowerment of Business Oriented Women (BOW) organization at the University of Findlay have just begun their third year as a group on campus. This year’s main focus, “learn constantly, advocate fiercely,” Their overall mission statement, as stated by their Facebook page, is: “The University of Findlay Organization […]

A reward for parking properly

Madelynn Greenslade @Madelynn_G15 There are 3,602 marked parking spots around campus, and you could be one of the lucky 300 students or staff that are ‘Caught Parking Right’ this semester. Chief of Police and Director of Security William H. Shaw came up with the ‘Caught Parking Right’ program two years ago to reward students […]

Bowling for Dollars? More like Bowling for Boobs!

By: Leah Alsept @l_mac0913   According to, About 1 in 8 U.S. women (around 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. October is widely known as breast cancer awareness month. Pink is the color of choice when promoting it— using pink ribbons comes from the Susan G. Komen […]

Gemini Man—a boring, uninspired movie—with even worse CGI

Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44 I’m all for different ideas but they have to work. And for me, Gemini Man simply does not work. From its miserable script to very weird CGI, the film starring Will Smith is maybe one of the dumbest movies I’ve seen this year. That said, it isn’t even close to the […]

ASL Club hopes to be a group for all students

By Alana Sundermann Email: Twitter: @alana_sundy23   The deaf community is one that is not well known to the University of Findlay, however the American Sign Language (ASL) club is pushing for more student evolvement and recognition. President of the ASL club, Hope Brant, wants to encourage students to join but also create an […]

Ending the Stigma

Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44   Last Wednesday, Oct.9, the University of Findlay held a “Mental Health Awareness Night”, where students could listen to speakers about their own personal struggles with mental disease, as well as ask them questions about how they have coped with their mental health struggles. The speakers, Eric Chase and Megan Scott, […]

The Prince of Crime laughs his way to the top of the box office—Phoenix shines in Joker

Dylan Frazier Email: Twitter: @dylanfrazier44 In what may be the third-most hyped movie of the year behind Avengers and Star Wars, Todd Phillips’ Joker came out amidst all the controversy that surrounded its release. For those who do not know, the FBI got a tip that someone on the dark web had planned to […]

UF Men’s team success does not stop at broken records

By Brady Wildermuth Email: The Findlay Oilers Men’s Golf team is off to a hot start. Currently, they have won every tournament they have participated in, except for the Doc Spragg Fall Invitation, where they lost by only one stroke.  They look to extend that success through the fall season. With their GMAC Fall […]

Charging up the green efforts around campus

Dylan Frazier Email: Twitter: @dylanfrazier44 If you have class in the College of Business building, you may have seen a new table put in front of the building. That table is a solar-powered charging station for your electronic devices. Along with the help of Millstream and First Solar, Director of Physical Plant Orion Jones […]

It’s Gonna be a Hot One

By: Abigail Frye Email: fryea@findlay.edy Twitter: @Abigail_EF Temperatures feel a little more like fall now but during the record-breaking heat that ushered in October some University of Findlay students were hot under the collar about the air-conditioning failure in the Davis Street Building, 300 Davis Street. “The geothermal unit broke, so it’s pumping in all […]

Thoughts from Profs: Tips for Writing

By: Lisa Bradley, Assistant Professor and Director of the Master of Science in Health One of the many challenges college students encounter is completing writing assignments successfully.  In my experience, college students typically fall into one of two writing groups:  Under-pagers and Over-pagers.  Under-pagers skip key assignment parameters and often write on obscure topics selected […]

Gearing Up for the Home Stretch

Abigail Frye Email: Twitter: @Abigail_EF The University of Findlay Volleyball team is gearing up to take on the GMAC (Great Midwest Athletic Conference). The Oilers currently have a record of 5-9 but are 2-0 in conference games. With 20 members on the team and various levels of experience, the team is well-rounded and excited […]

Oilers roll past Alderson Broaddus, 75-28

By: Dylan Frazier Email: Twitter: @dylanfrazier44 After a tough loss against Ohio Dominican, Coach Keys and the rest of the Oilers wanted to bounce back. Keys stressed to the team to keep going and move forward.  More specifically he stressed that a fast start in the first half is something that he wanted to […]

Student-led group, 4 Paws, helps train service dogs

By: Hope Brant Email: There is a new organization at The University of Findlay called 4 Paws for Ability. This non-profit organization that trains service dogs is based out of Xenia, Ohio. The mission of 4 Paws is to enrich the lives of children with disabilities, veterans from recent conflicts that has resulted in […]

What you see is what they serve

By: Leah Alsept Email: Twitter: @l_mac0913 In an effort to promote the use of fresh vegetables, the University of Findlay hosted called “Cooking with Chef”. Executive Chef for Sodexo at the University of Findlay, Elias Haane, set up shop from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in The Refinery last Tuesday, Sept. 24 to demonstrate […]

Wagner and Overhiser take home the crowns

By: Collin Frazier Email: Twitter: @Collin_53 Last Saturday, during the Homecoming football game against Alderson Broaddus, the University of Findlay 2019 Homecoming Court was introduced as well as the announcement of King and Queen. Out the five king candidates and five queen candidates, this year’s Homecoming King and Queen are Aaron Overhiser and Mackenzie […]

Is homecoming a blast from the past?

By: Olivia Wile Email: Twitter: @o_wile Another University of Findlay Homecoming has come and gone, but not without plenty of family-oriented activities, a classic homecoming football game, and lots of black and orange ribbons. Colleges and universities join UF in keeping the classic homecoming celebration alive. According to, a couple universities take credit […]

Rambo: Last Blood is exactly what I thought it would be

Dylan Frazier Twitter: @dylanfrazier44   Rambo: Last Blood hit theaters two weeks ago and it’s exactly what it was meant to be, an insane action movie with completely unrealistic fights and explosions. So, what the movie lacks in story, and it definitely lacks in that department, the completely mindless action helps make it a […]

Leonardo Da Vinci comes to campus

By: Olivia Wile Email: Twitter: o_wile   The University of Findlay Honors Program is getting a face lift with a new class offering. Dr. Marie Louden-Hanes and Dr. Nathan Tice are offering a new honors class about Leonardo Da Vinci, the infamous artist, scientist, musician, engineer and architect. “It’s an opportunity for individuals to […]

Serving beyond the University

By: Collin Frazier Email: Twitter:@Collin_53   Giving back and doing community work is instilled into UF students early on. When you do orientation, you have to do a service project during Welcome Week. If you are interested in further giving back while you’re a student, on Sept. 26, Shafer Library held “Oilers Exploring Beyond […]

Prost! Es ist Oktoberfest!

By: Dylan Frazier Email: Twitter: @dylanfrazier44 The last weekend in Sept. can only mean one thing, Oktoberfest is back in Findlay. Oktoberfest is celebrated in the last week of Sept. and it is to commemorate the wedding of Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen, according to Five years ago, the Hancock Historical […]

New California legislature has UF athletes talking

By: Olivia Wile Twitter: @o_wile Email:   There’s no question athletics play a large part in the University of Findlay culture. From a nationally acclaimed men’s basketball program, to All-American Track and Field stars, UF is all about sports.   Recently making sports news, however, has been California’s Fair Pay to Play Act – […]