UF welcomes Pharmacy class of 2030

By Jenna Waits and Emily Byglin, WaitsJ@Findlay.edu and ByglinE@Findlay.edu

The University of Findlay will welcome the graduating class of 2030 to the College of Pharmacy with a series of entertaining events.

On Feb. 24, the incoming class of pharmacy students can attend a UF men’s basketball game, which allows them to meet some future classmates and get a better feel of campus life.

The College of Pharmacy will also host their annual Signing Day on March 8. This event gives pharmacy students the opportunity to “sign” to the College of Pharmacy, like athletes do when committing to college for athletics.

Parents and students attend Signing Day, which makes for a larger event. During Signing Day, incoming students meet their mentors, which are older students in the College of Pharmacy. Mentors help prepare their mentees for college and help them through college when they arrive at he University in the fall.

Current pharmacy students are also awaiting the new students’ arrival.

Abigail Hawkins and Adri Pecic, FY2 (second year) students in the pharmacy program shared their feelings and advice for the incoming pharmacy class.

“I would study even when you don’t have exams coming up,” Hawkins said.

Pecic also shared her excitement for the class of 2030’s arrival, as well as some advice.

“I’m excited,” Pecic said. “I would say stay on the grind, be focused and get ahead of assignments.”