Welcoming Warriors W.O.R.D

Senior Mason Alberts organized a new Bible study for football players this year

By Kendall Westgate, WestgateK@Findlay.edu

After a year of fine-tuning the details, University of Findlay senior football player Mason Alberts with help from others started a new bible study for UF football players, Warriors W.O.R.D.

“The official name for the bible study is Warriors W.O.R.D. This stands for warriors working on refining disciples,” Alberts said. “When thinking of football, I tend to think of a battle or war between two different teams, in which case the players are your warriors, so that is where warrior comes into play for the name. Because we are digging into God’s Word (The Bible), while focusing on the Lord and working on ourselves and our discipleship, that is where W.O.R.D originated from.”

The first gathering will take place on Aug. 27 from 7:30-8:30 p.m. They will continue to meet every Sunday at the same time. 

“With the bible study starting up this upcoming Sunday Aug. 27, my favorite part so far is the excitement around it and the number of guys who were interested in participating,” Alberts said. “As of right now, there are about 60 players and coaches wanting to be a part of the group.”

Alberts decided to start the group to help other UF football players better their relationship with God. Every Sunday, they can gather together to discuss different topics relating to the Bible study.

“The bible study for the team got started because of the passion I have to share the word of God with others, especially my teammates,” Alberts said. “I asked if I could start one last year, however some details needed to be figured out and organized before we could move forward with it and start it.”

Besides Alberts, other leaders and mentors will help run the gatherings each week. 

“I am good friends with Mason and close with my faith, as I am a true Lutheran,” Sophomore Hayden Dales said. “Mason was the brains of everything. He asked me if I could join and be the leader and trust on if something goes wrong. My role now is to be a mentor.”

Each week, Warriors W.O.R.D will explore new topics relating to the Bible. There will also be introduction games and activities for the football players attending.

“During the bible study, we will be exploring the Gospels starting with the Book of Mark. We will go through the entire chapter to not only learn and apply the Biblical knowledge to our life, but to truly comprehend and understand what The Bible is telling us,” Alberts said.

Warriors W.O.R.D offers team bonding for the UF football players and helps create a better relationship with God. Alberts and Dales wanted to work together to connect the football team together spiritually.

“My favorite part is assisting other athletes in their faith, not necessarily knowledge wise, but relationship wise with God,” Dales said.