UF students among many to experience cybersecurity incident

UnitedHealthcare experiences security breach with third party software 

By Lauren Wolters


On Monday Aug. 14, Skylar Mettert, the Associate Vice President for Safety and Wellness, informed University of Findlay students about a cybersecurity incident involving UnitedHealthcare.  

United Healthcare provides health insurance to all full-time UF students who do not waive the insurance coverage. In the email informing students, Mettert explained what the cybersecurity incident means and how it affects UF students. 

Specifically, this incident involves software provided by a third party and used by UnitedHealthcare to administer its health insurance plans, including the University of Findlay’s health insurance plan for the upcoming academic year,” Mettert said. 

UF students were not the only ones impacted by the cybersecurity incident. 

“Public reports indicate that many organizations around the world were using the software and have been affected, resulting in the compromise of information on millions of individuals,” Mettert said. 

Mettert explained that UF has been in direct contact with UnitedHealthcare. He plans to update students via email if any relevant information emerges. 

All full-time students at UF are required to carry health insurance. Students are automatically enrolled in UF’s UnitedHealthcare if they do not fill out the waiver. 

UnitedHealthcare is responsible for administering UF’s health insurance plan, including the process for waiving student coverage under the plan through UnitedHealthcare’s separate Enrollment/Waiver Portal website,” Mettert said. 

UF does not store any of the sensitive information students enter in the portal. UnitedHealthcare operates and maintains the portal. It also determine the necessary information that students need to enter in the portal for the waiver to be completed. 

Mettert acknowledged that many students may have concerns or questions about the breach of information. Since the waiver portal and student health insurance is solely administered by UnitedHealthcare, he directed these questions and concerns to UnitedHealthcare. 

I would reiterate that we encourage students to take advantage of any resources offered by UHC and contact them directly with any questions, using their toll-free number (1-866-341-4626),” Mettert said. 

Any questions concerning the insurance requirements for UF students can be answered on UF’s student health insurance website or emailed to Skylar Mettert, metterts@findlay.edu.