UF notifies students of plan for pending snow storm

By Pulse Staff

Student Affairs VP Brandi Laurita sent an email this afternoon to prepare the campus for the impending snow storm. Hancock County currently sits in the predicted 6-8” band of predicted snow fall from Wednesday, Jan. 25 through Thursday, Jan. 26, according to Spectrum News 1 Ohio.

Laurita states that “if the University closes at any time during this storm, campus in-person classes and events are CANCELLED. For in-person classes, faculty may post videos, notes, or alternate assignments to Canvas, but students will not be required to attend class remotely or be penalized for not attending remotely.”

The University will send out a notice by 5:45 a.m. for day classes and activities and 1:45 p.m. for evening classes and events if it decides to close.

Fully Online Classes will continue to be held as scheduled.

Laurita says Henderson Dining will be open regardless of campus closure to provide dining for on-campus residents.

The email also addresses the UF farms.

“If you have animals at the farms, you should receive information directly from the farm staff concerning protocols and procedures for animal care during inclement weather. Students can call the farm weather hotline 419-434-4846 to determine if farm classes are held. The hotline is updated before classes begin.”

The University will send out information about parking lot snow removal. It may close some lots or need cars moved to allow for snow removal. Drivers are encouraged to keep an eye out for those updates.

Laurita asks for understanding as staff will have the storm to contend with in trying to provide service to the students.

“Please have patience and grace with the staff on campus who will work to clear walkways, plow parking lots, prepare meals, etc. as they will be working around the clock to complete all needed tasks,” Laurita said. “If it takes a little more time than you would like for a sidewalk to be cleared, spare the nasty email or online post; instead, take a deep breath and enjoy the beautiful campus. As (famous photographer and conservationist) Ansel Adams stated ‘Bad weather makes for good photography’.”

Counties in Ohio use a snow alert system so residents can be aware of the extent of dangerous travel in the area. Hancock County Sheriff’s office will issue these alerts so it’s a good idea to follow the social media of the Hancock County Sheriff as well as the City of Findlay. Most local TV stations also keep an updated list on the snow alert levels in the area.

The University explained how those snow alerts affect the UF campus community.

Level I Snow Alert in Hancock County

On-campus classes will be held as scheduled and campus offices will be open to provide services. Employees of the University should report to work.

Travel Reminder: Roadways are hazardous. Drive with caution.

Level II Snow Advisory in Hancock County

In the event of a Level II Snow Advisory, a determination will be made regarding the cancellation of on-campus classes and events.  Students and Employees of the University should adhere to official University announcement regarding the campus. Unless otherwise announced, the University is open. Commuting students should notify their instructors if they cannot attend classes. Faculty members who must cancel a class meeting should notify students by e-mail as soon as possible, notify their department chair and dean, and schedule make-up class sessions if necessary.  Staff members who cannot report should notify their supervisor. If the county you live in is under a Level 3 emergency and Hancock County is not, notify your supervisor or professor and stay off the roads. Employees will not be required to make up the time, take a vacation day, or an unpaid day to make up the time missed.

Travel Reminder: Roadways are extremely hazardous with blowing and drifting snow. Roads also may be icy. More severe Level III restrictions in surrounding counties may restrict travel.

Level III Snow Emergency in Hancock County

On-campus classes will be canceled or dismissed and support offices closed. Online classes will be held as scheduled. Personnel in areas critical to the maintenance of the physical plant, oversight of residential students, and other previously identified areas should report.

Faculty members in canceled classes should contact students by e-mail to schedule makeup class sessions if necessary.

Travel Reminder: Most roadways are closed and extremely hazardous.