UF Job fair offers opportunities for both students and University employers

Junior business management major Luigi Bove works for 88.3 WLFC the Pulse radio.

By Pulse Staff

About 20 employers did their best to recruit student workers at The University of Findlay Student Employee Job Fair.

Jared England with the Office of Human Resources planned the Aug. 15 event and thinks the turn out was a positive sign.

“It’s been a steady flow of students all day pretty much,” England said. “So, I think it’s been really good.”

England has been at UF since April 2022, so this was a new experience for him.

“This is my first time organizing this event but just based off of what Mariah (Schroeder) has told me about previous years events, it seems like it’s been really good,” England said.

England said the turn-out was comparable to previous years for the event.

“I was very thankful to see that come to fruition and very glad that they were able to participate and engage with the student employees,” England said.

This year, 148 students participated in the event compared to more than 200 last year.

“I think they all were just very excited. I think that was my big takeaway that they’re very excited and thankful that we host this type of event,” England said. “It gives them an opportunity to kind of introduce themselves, learn more about the student positions and what kind of student opportunities there are for employment on the university campus.”

There are currently 1,583 student employees at the University of Findlay, according to England.

At the job fair, students were able to get their headshot taken by the Center for Career Planning and Development office, engage in on-site interviews, apply for positions on campus and even win prizes. England says they drew 15 names for prizes including UF T-Shirts, Hats, Blankets, Water Bottles and more.

“I think it’s also a great opportunity for the students to get some of that work experience that is very valuable,” England said. “It will help them in their future careers post-graduation.”