Resources available to freshman

By Kai Powell,

During the first week of school at the University of Findlay, freshmen are presented with lots of information; but be week four, they may forget this information from stress, a sense of irrelevancy, or course work.

The UF Academic Affairs says there are several resources freshmen can access, such as the Academic Support Center, tutoring, counseling and Office of Accommodations.

“Sometimes there might be a resource that you randomly find out about,” freshman Grant Goodfellow said. “There is definitely enough support with the tutoring, writing center and Oiler Success Center. Lack of support can come from not knowing what is out there.”

The Oiler Success Center is located on the first floor of Old Main and offers help to students, according to the UF website.

“In the fall semester, we attempt to go to as many ACAD or first year experience classes as possible,” Director of Accommodation Nicole Schneider said. “We talk about tutoring, disability services and testing in all of those ACAD classes that we can get into.”

Schneider also shares some tips for students to consider.

“Every instructor has office hours for students to ask questions and explain their concerns,” Schneider said. “Schedule a meeting with a tutor or the Writing Center, go to instructor open hours, evaluate your study habits.”

Paying attention to class syllabi can help students know where their professors are and how to reach them.

“Fifty percent of students feel that their mental health is poor or below average and 73% of students with a mental health condition had a crisis on college grounds,” according to Health Careers.

Freshman Hannah Miller is aware of some of the resources the University offers to help both mentally and physically.

“I know about the counseling center and where it is,” Miller said. “I know where to go for mental health help and also get more opportunities due to being an athlete.”

The Counseling Center is located on 307 Frazer Street. They provide scheduled appointments and walk-in hours from 2:00-4:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and 10:00-11.30 a.m. on Fridays. All sessions are confidential with staff committed to helping students.

Recently, UF introduced TimelyCare. TimelyCare is provided through the University for free to students. It provides 24/7 access to virtual care, self-care and well-being tools.