New tools to take on winter

By Ellie Janszen


As the temperatures plummet and with a bit of snow in the forecast for the Findlay area, University of Findlay students will see some new equipment in use in an effort to keep things safe on campus.

The University has new weapons against weather this year according to Ian Graham, groundskeeper lead.

“This year we got two new machines which will help buy time for us to make walking safer and it’s better for the environment,” Graham said.

The machines are used by spreading liquid deicer quickly. One machine is an attachment for the truck and the other is for the tractor. This way, the machines can reach many different parts of campus at a quicker rate.

Hannah Rybicki, a junior psychology major at the University, faced many issues with the weather last year. As a multi-sport athlete traveling from place to place, Hannah had many issues with her car due to the weather and when she chose to walk instead, she was timid.

“People would tell me if I have car issues I should just walk, but some days it was difficult to pick my head up and see where I was going because of the wind and sleet,” Rybicki said. “When I needed to use my car, I felt really lucky to have campus security around.”

Rybicki got stuck driving in the snow in late January, but campus security was only a call away to shovel her out and get her where she needed to go.

Bill Spraw, Chief of Police and Director of Security, says his office has something new to help students during the winter.

“We bought new ramps last winter to stick over the wheels of a car to make helping out easier,” Spraw. “They help with ice storms as well.”

“This year will be even more difficult because my sister and I share a car here and will both want to use it to get places on the cold and snowy campus days,” Rybicki said.

With a large freshman class including students from all various parts of the country and world, they may not be prepared for the incoming weather.

Graham said when there’s a weather event they try to get an early start.

“We get out there around 5 a.m. and put down a pretreatment,” Graham said. But he says students need to be prepared as well.

“Be sure to wear proper shoes and stay off your phone when walking to see where you are going,” Graham said. “You can also invest in products for your car to make it easier to knock off snow.

Campus security is also a resource for students to combat the winter weather.

“We help shovel students out if they get plowed in and if we get 14 inches like we did one year, we will come out and help if we are capable,” Spraw said. “We are also usually driving around and can be available then.”

Sprawl recommends keeping a shovel and blankets in your car, as well as having your phone charged in case you need help.