Get revived with the word

University of Findlay’s Revive program is back and stronger than ever with two of the biggest turnouts it had in a very long time

By Kwesi Caldwell

School is back in session and with week two ending it seems campus has truly revived. Although not how many would think, but through Revive, a campus Christian program where students can come and worship the word of God as much as they please.

Every Thursday, from 9-10 p.m. in Winebrenner’s auditorium, the student-led program gathers and sings. They also discuss what it truly means to be a part of the program and how they can help lead better lives through God’s work.

It allows students a safe environment to not only discuss personal matters that may be happening, but it also allows them to collaborate with their peers and gain a better understanding of how they can get more involved on campus as well as in the ministry.

One of the senior student leaders Mason Alberts, who has been involved with Revive ever since he got to the university spoke on what it means for him to be a part of the program and what made him get started in the first place.

“I grew up in a Christian household my entire life and when I got to college I didn’t know where to go or what church to attend. I heard about Revive and after getting my schedule together, I started to go,” Alberts said. “I saw that worship was student led and sang all throughout high school, so I wanted to use my talent to glorify the Lord.”

The program already affects campus in numerous ways. It allows students of all backgrounds to share the longevity and impact of sharing God’s word with peers; which allows for a much deeper level of connection and understanding.

“By allowing students this space I think that students and others involved in Revive just consistently inviting others to attend and just letting others know will allow it to continue to grow,” Alberts said. “Just getting the word out there that on Thursday nights at 9 p.m., there is student led worship and a sermon is a great way for those who have been looking or maybe are interested in learning more. Seeing it on social media, through a text or on a weekly schedule helps, but getting an invite from someone in person goes a lot further in my opinion.”

Ministry Brothers Gilly Mene and Alireza Majidi discussed their participation with Revive and how they would like to see Revive expand in the future.

“It is all about the experience,” Mene said. “We are always looking to get more students and more people involved, but truly it is all about the experience and the welcoming environment that we offer here. Whatever it is that you think you will achieve from attending then that is what you will focus on until you feel it has been fulfilled.”

The leaders encourage all students no matter the background to spread the word and join along in the worship of God.

With the auditorium being filled with the most attendees Revive has seen in a long time they are always looking for more positive publicity to keep creating opportunities and changing lives one Thursday at a time.

“I feel this is a great time for students, as well as faculty to come and revive their spirit. The feeling you get after experiencing one sermon is like no other. I would encourage everyone to come and join along if possible because it really can be life changing if you give it a chance and give yourself over to the Lord’s grace,” Alireza said.