A long time coffee house says goodbye sending UF students elsewhere

By Sam Rohrs


The University of Findlay students came back from winter break to the surprising fact that George House Coffee and Tea, across from campus, had closed.

After 27 years of business, the beloved George House made the announcement that a lease issue with the landlord meant it was shutting its doors.

Matthew Ginter, the University of Findlay’s campus ministry leader, worked at George House while he was studying at UF from 2006 to 2010.

“It’s unfortunate; a long-standing establishment closed,” Ginter said. “It would have been nice to celebrate their existence. It just ended.”

Many University of Findlay students and staff went to George House for their daily brew.

“We would see a lot of faculty/staff in the early morning like seven to eight and sometimes even earlier,” Ginter said. “I think we used to open at six.”

There were also plenty of students who would find their way to George House to have a cup of coffee and or to study in a quiet place.

Elizabeth Burns, a freshman equestrian student at the University of Findlay says George House was the first coffee shop she was introduced to in Findlay. It holds a special place in her heart.

“I went a lot on the weekends to study,” Burns said. “It was the first coffee shop here in Findlay that I went to. I was so devastated that it closed.”

Zac Britton is an avid coffee drinker who is also a sophomore student-athlete at the University of Findlay. Britton visited George House plenty of times throughout the years.

“I liked (that) it was the go-to hangout place,” Britton said. “Just to go with friends and have a cup of coffee and talk about whatever you wanted. An overall good place to go.”

“I thought the uniqueness of it, even though, it changed was inviting and intimate,” Ginter said.

Since George House has closed college students need to find a new place to grab a cup of coffee, hangout, and study.

George House accepted Derrick Dollars from University of Findlay students. Many students used their Derrick Dollars on coffee on a daily basis.

“I will probably go to Jazzman’s a little more,” Britton said. “It will cost me more Derrick Dollars. I wouldn’t say more money out of my pocket just because I didn’t spend my personal money at George House.”

“The other coffee shops are farther away. I walked to George House every time I went. I have to drive to other coffee shops,” Burns said. “George House also lets you use Derrick Dollars. It was so nice.”

As of now, no one knows if or when another place will enter George House’s corner at 1041 N. Main St.

“I think if the landlords opened up something new in a few years, it would probably do fine. They can turn over so quickly,” Ginter said. “In a few years, no one will remember George House. The student body at UF (University of Findlay) changes so quickly.”