UF Athletics setting the standard

University of Findlay Athletics wins the Presidents Cup four years running

By Jordan Grimes


It seems the University of Findlay Oilers Athletic program has figured out the secret to winning after the May announcement that it won the Presidents Cup for the fourth year in a row for the 2021-2022 school year.

Winning the Presidents Cup symbolizes that an entire athletic program won more games combined than any other athletic programs in the conference. UF Athletics says it won eight team championships, 52 individual championships, and athletes earned 143 All-Conference selections.

Having retained the Presidents Cup four years running seems to have created a standard at the University of Findlay. UF Athletic Director Brandi Laurita says it’s about creating a culture.

“Never staying content, and setting goals that continue to challenge and push your program to the next level,” Laurita said. 

Winning isn’t the only thing that creates a great athletic program.

“I think success is a product of treating people right, working hard, and believing in the mission of what you want to accomplish,” Laurita said.

UF Athletic Department staff includes Senior Associate Athletic Director Jim Givens, Associate Director of Athletics Dave Buck, and Assistant Athletic Director for External Affairs Kyle Neirmann.

“It takes great student athletes,” Niermann said. “You have to recruit athletes who are dedicated to the classroom, and dedicated to themselves in the field of play.” This shows that not only the coaches, and athletic directors have to buy into the program’s goals, but so do the athletes. It is a combined effort of athletes, coaches, and directors to create and continue the tradition of a winning program.

“It’s a standard now, people from other schools within the conference are looking at us as the ones with the targets on our back,” Niermann said. “I hope that all of our student athletes understand that and embrace it rather than shy away from it.”

Director of Undergraduate and Transfer Admissions Shawn Jordan says the success of the athletic departments makes his job a little easier.

 “Winning helps all the time, when your athletic program is known for winning it attracts not only athletes but non-athletes,” Jordan said. “People want to be a part of a winning culture.”





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