Where are UF student athletes spending their Derrick Dollars?

By Jeremiah Jackson and Pulse Staff


At the University of Findlay students have options for dining. They can go to Henderson Dining Hall or they can head to The Refinery, which is the food court located in the Center for Student Life and College of Business building on Davis Street.

The Refinery includes, The Grill, Mein Bowl, Jazzman’s (Brew and Bakery), and The Sub Connection.

Students can use Derrick Dollars to eat outside of the main dining hall but where they choose to spend those dollars depends on a lot of reasons. For Charles Omameh, a UF Football player and Business Administration with a marketing emphasis major, it’s about staying healthy.

“The Grill’s food is too greasy and I’d rather go to the Mein Bowl, and Sub Connection for the carbs,” Omameh said.

Students are not limited to on-campus dining, however. They can use their Derrick Dollars at off campus restaurants as well. Those include Domino’s, East of Chicago, Penn Station, Jimmy John’s, Sweet Frog, and George House.

Off campus Omameh prefers Jimmy Johns over Penn Station because he thinks Jimmy Johns subs are healthier.

UF Football Player Vernon Williams, a Business Administration with a management emphasis major prefers, the Mein Bowl and The Grill over Sub Connection.

“If I want a cold meat sandwich, then I’d go to Henderson Dining Hall rather than spending my Derrick Dollars,” Williams said.

UF baseball player and Business Administration with a marketing emphasis major,  Jacob Flaherty, prefers to take his Derrick Dollars off campus.

“East of Chicago Pizzas are unmatched compared all the other pizza place in town,” Flaherty said. “Penn Station’s Philly Cheesesteak’s are truly amazing, and I really like the burgers from Culvers.”

Riley McKinniss, Sodexo Marketing Coordinator for Dining Services, says one Derrick Dollar equals one U.S. dollar. She says the perks to using Derrick Dollars versus cash includes, not just using them at off campus restaurants but getting 10% off at pop-up restaurants.

“Pop-Up restaurants feature our fun, unique menu items that are not normally offered at our dining locations,” Riley said in an email interview. “An example of some upcoming pop-ups consist of Donut Holes at The Rig next week, Guac at the Gazebo later this month, Giant Sundaes, Balanced Bowls, etc.”

Derrick Dollars can also be used for the new Kiwibot food delivery service on campus.

“Meal plans can be linked to the Everyday app and Derrick Dollars can be used to pay for both pickup and delivery,” McKinnis said. “Students do not need a subscription to pay with Derrick Dollars. The only time a subscription is required is when we begin accepting meal swipes as a payment tender (hopefully in the near future) and students with meal plans would like to pay this way.”

For more information on Derrick Dollars you can check out UF dining services on the UF website.

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