Reactions as #12 goes for year 23 in the NFL

One month since the news broke that Tom Brady was “un-retiring”

By Matthew Miller Search

Late evening, March 13 news broke that shocked the sports world when Tom Brady, seven-time world champion and 15-time pro-bowler announced he was un-retiring and returning to football.  The news came only 40-days after Brady had announced his retirement to spend more time with his family.

Not only was his return news to teammates, fans, ownership of the Bucs, and other teams but it probably shocked the Buccaneers marketing staff as well. I spoke with Assistant Professor Eric Stoller who is part of the Spots Management department to get his opinion on the marketing side of things and what went through the minds of the Buccaneer’s marketing team.

Assistant Professor of Teaching in Sports Management and Coordinator of Internship and Co-Operative Programs Eric Stoller says Brady’s reverse course can actually help the Buccaneers’ brand.

“It does a lot for the marketing team; it brings some hype,” Stoller said. “Obviously, with the retirement, they were scrambling and trying to figure out who their marquee person is, who are we going to put all our marketing efforts behind, and it is a big sigh of relief when Tom Brady says he is coming back.”.

The hype took off again for the Buccaneers as evidenced in their ticket prices. According to Greg Auman, of The Athletic, an online sports news site, the Bucs raised all of their non-club ticket prices by 15% since Brady’s un-retirement from an average of $135 to $255 per ticket.

The other thing Brady’s announcement does is keep the NFL, the Buccaneers, and Brady in the news during what is usually the NFL’s downtime. Without preseason games, the draft being completed, and the season in the distant future it keeps the hype up and gives commentators, pundits, and fans alike a lot to talk about.

“I doubt it was a publicity stunt, but in this day and age, I would not put it out of the realm of possibility,” Stoller said. “If it was done on purpose and the team knew about it or even if Brady was the only one, it is a terrific way to keep his name out there and build his brand. These days clickbait is a good thing and this announcement and change of direction is certainly that.”

Whether it was a publicity stunt or not, teammates are incredibly happy to have Brady back. The instant reaction by teammates on social media was one of joy as it should be with Brady coming off a spectacular season. Brady, who is soon to be 45 years old, lead the Buccaneers to the playoffs and lead the NFL in passing touchdowns and passing yards.

Sophomore Kwesi Caldwell, a cornerback on the University of Findlay football team whether you’re a Brady fan or not, you have to recognize his accomplishments.

“I have never been one to call myself a Tom Brady fan, but you got to give respect where respect is due,” Caldwell said. “Seven rings and nobody else has ever done that in the NFL before, so like I said he has a lot of my respect because he has been able to do a lot of things other people have not.”

Whether you are a Brady fan or hater at this point one thing is clear, death and taxes are no longer the only things you can count on in life. You can add Tom Brady playing football to that list.

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