UF mobile food pantry helps students and wider community

Students who helped out at the mobile food pantry during MLK Jr. week are looking forward to more events — and warmer weather

By Leah Alsept



Setting up a mobile food pantry is no easy task — especially when it’s outside in freezing cold weather. But the University of Findlay was able to pull off a successful event during MLK Jr. Week with the help of dozens of students.

Kingsley Dordoye from Ghana was one of those students on campus bright and early for the event. He’s a graduate student in the Environmental Health and Safety program.

“I’m intrinsically motivated to volunteer anywhere,” Dordoye said. “Everywhere I go. I do that. It’s natural.”

The group received over 10,000 pounds of food that morning. Water, juice, and canned food were some of the main foods given out in the packages. Kaleb Brown, graduate assistant for the Buford Center, says coffee is not just a motivating factor in coming out in the early morning hours.

“I’m passionate about service and this is a great way to engage with the community and also gives students an opportunity to work together and make new friends,” Brown said. “We really try to promote service learning and just to again, give back to our Findlay community and bring our students and the community together.”

Serving just under their anticipated goal of 180 families, Dordoye hopes to see more students helping out when another volunteer opportunity comes along.

“I’m also glad to be here in, in Findlay, in Ohio and then to offer my volunteering spirit. And then I expect more people or other colleagues out there who also give the volunteering a try,” said Dordoye. “Today the weather was freaking cold, but I mean, we need to get different experience.”

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