Let the games begin!

Shafer Library brings the arcade to campus. 

By Johnny Harris and Pulse Staff


A new addition to The University of Findlay campus is one for the gamers. It’s a retro style arcade area in the basement of Shafer Library. Students can find arcade games such as Mortal Kombat, NBA Jam andPac-man; board games such as Monopoly, card games such as UNO, and even puzzles.

The people behind the arcade area, like Brigitte Kathryn Galauner, college librarian for Business, Education, and Social Sciences, say it serves more than one purpose.

“Coming off COVID some students didn’t get that first couple of years of college experience, and we are looking to give them more opportunities to take advantage of the college life and experience,” Galauner said.  

Jenni Royce, college librarian for Arts and Humanities, thinks the extra space helps with that goal.

“I felt like we needed more hang out spaces for students on campus,” Royce said. “I feel like all the spaces we had before were just study rooms.”  

James Rhiel, Academic Technologist & STEAM Education Center Technology Coordinator, says it also helps students see what the library has to offer beyond the games.

“Also, we want to get more foot traffic in the library as well, even if it’s just the arcade area is getting them reacclimated to the gaming area and the services provided upstairs in the library as well,” Rhiel said.  

Scott Kidd, UF Learning Management System Administrator, says it’s been a long time in the making.

“It’s been an idea of ours for years to do this, and then once we put in a space room it became more appealing for this space down in the library,” Kidd said. “We discussed it with some library personnel, and they decided to give it a try. There used to be a game room on campus that was held in the AMU, but it failed years ago just because of the upkeep on it.”  

So far, the games have been a hit.

“We’ve had a few groups of students come down here; I know my high scores have been kicked off all the games a few times,” Kidd said. “People are utilizing it and we’re trying to get more people involved down here. People come down here and hang out here where it’s less loud.”  

“I had a library tour the other day and there were first-years, and the students were playing some of the games and the students on the tour enjoyed the arcade games as well,” Royce said.

They say keeping quiet in the library isn’t that big of a concern.

“There were a couple guys getting irate playing Pac-man when I came down here,” Galauner said. “It’s pretty insulated down here so the students do not have to worry about being too loud and bothering people upstairs while playing the games.” 

“We want this space to be a relaxing space for students who can enjoy playing games together,” Kidd said.  

Galauner says they would love feedback and ideas about what games the students would like. Students are welcome to send those thoughts to library@findlay.edu, or helpdesk@findlay.edu.