3C Computer Repairs Re-opened

3C Computer Repairs re-opens and member share why it was temporarily shut down.

By Addy Hankins



3C Computer Repairs is officially re-opened to all University of Findlay students, faculty and anyone in the Findlay area who needs computer assistance. The announcement was made on Feb. 21 after being closed since the beginning of the 2021-2022 second semester.

“Two of our senior members who kind of ran the whole thing left this semester and that’s why it took us longer to open up,” said Zack Mitchell, freshman at UF, 3C Computer Repairs member.

Mitchell said that students, faculty and community members can bring their desktop/laptops in if they are having issues with it and they can determine whether they can repair it or if it should be sent elsewhere for repairs.

Some UF students have used 3C Computer Repairs services and highly recommend it.

“They were super helpful and fixed my computer really fast,” said Olivia Fairchild, freshman at UF. “They made it really easy for me.”

Fairchild had some minor issues on her laptop, but it has now since been fixed.

3C Computer Repairs offers a variety of services like keyboard replacements, application and accessory troubleshooting, data recovery, computer/printer setup, and many other services. Along with desktop/laptop repairs, 3C offers repairs on mobile phone devices, tablet devices, and smart TV software. Be sure to call or email 3C to get a quote for your repair.  Click here to see all their services offered.

Mitchell said that there are currently about four UF students working for 3C Computer Repairs.

“Last semester we had six, now we only have four because two of our senior members left this semester,” said Mitchell.

Some students, specifically freshmen, were not aware of 3C Computer Repairs at all.

“I didn’t know that they were in the AMU but will keep them in mind if I ever need anything for my computer,” said Audrey Hood, freshman at UF.

3C was started by UF students and staff in 2012 and has been run by students since the beginning. Its mission statement is, “to provide concise, courteous, and cost-effective technical support for the University of Findlay students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community since 2012.”

3C Computer repairs is in the Alumni Memorial Union and is open Monday through Friday at 3-5 p.m.

Walk-ins are welcome during business hours and students can call (419) 434-5782 or email 3crepairs@findlay.edu to set up an appointment outside of business hours.

For updates on 3C follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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