Findlay-Saginaw Valley State Recap

Both Men’s and Women’s Team Shine

By Collin Frazier


This past swim meet, the Findlay Men’s Swim team made school history by defeating 20th-ranked Saginaw Valley State with a final score of 120-117. On the women’s side, they kept it close against the Cardinals before falling with a final score of 128-113. Even with both this great accomplishment and close fight, the team will now turn its focus on two meets that will show what they are truly made of this season.

“We got to switch gears and we have Cleveland State on the 5th of November and they’re a really good Division One program,” Head Coach Andrew Makepeace said. “They have a really strong men’s program and Oberlin college will also be up there so that should be a really good competition for both men and women”

“Then the next day, we actually travel to the number one rank in the nation on both men and women’s side with The University of Indianapolis,” Makepeace continued. “That will really give us a good barometer of where we’re at as a program because to face off against a strong team from top-to-bottom, will be obviously a big challenge but something that we’re really excited about. We talked about [this] on a regular basis with our team to really pump up that meet and weekend to see what we have in store for the coming months.”

Something that has been done well throughout the start of the season is moral support, something that adds so much energy to the pool during a meet.

“They [the team] did a really good job of supporting one another and brought a lot of good energy,” Makepeace commented. “It was against Ashland, [and] it was our first competition outside of our conference meet last year and it was the first one with fans in the past twenty months of it. It was really, really, really exciting and it brought a lot of energy and electricity to the sink. So it was really, really fun to watch them all compete together for the first time against another opponent, one that’s newly minted into our conference so it was a lot of fun, a lot of excitement and a lot of great energy there.”

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