“WandaVision” Series Finale: Going off-air on a somewhat sour note

By: Collin Frazier



“WandaVision” finale sets up the future, albeit a bit rushed

A few weeks ago, I did a review for the first half of “WandaVision.” I was excited to see where the series went after the first few episodes. I realized that much of the future of the MCU weighed on the rest of the series, so I was interested to see what the show would do to do so. While the remaining episodes were great, the series finale (which was also the literal title of the final episode) left something to be desired. As always, a spoiler alert is in effect.

First and foremost, what I absolutely loved about the back half of the season was the inclusion of Evan Peters as Quicksilver. If there was anything to take away from the X-Men films, it is that Peters was made for the role. He gave such charisma, humor, and life to the otherwise lifeless films that were “X-Men: Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix” (which he was in for like five minutes… another reason that film is awful). Having him back as Quicksilver never felt better. I even knew he was casted in it and his reveal pumped me up so much. I was convinced that this was how Fox’s X-Men were going to be incorporated into the MCU.

And then it was revealed to be a giant cop-out. Having the hope taken away from me at the finale left a bad taste in my mouth and I am still not completely over it.

Another problem with the finale was that it felt super rushed. There was so much action that it made the 40-minute time slot (which was really about half an hour due to credits) feel way too quick. After all the dust settled, Wanda basically says her goodbyes to her children and Vision and goes into hiding. That’s it. I think it could have benefited from 15 to 20 extra minutes to wrap everything up and let the viewers breathe for a minute.

My final issue with the finale is that it left too many unanswered questions. The biggest is the whereabouts of the White Vision. With his memories restored by Wanda’s Vision, White Vision should have stuck around to see his true love once again. It probably would have made things a whole lot easier for Wanda. Furthermore, what will become of Agatha Harkness? I really enjoyed Kathryn Kahn’s portrayal and I hope this is not it for her. Lastly, how will all of this tie to “Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness?” After being told that Evan Peters is not the Quicksilver from “X-Men,” where is the connection to a multiverse? I trust Marvel in what comes next, but some answers to these would have been nice.

It may seem as though I did not enjoy the back half of “WandaVision,” but I really did. The clichés and intros paying homage to classic sitcoms (especially “Malcolm in the Middle”) made me laugh and reminisce. Wanda as a character developed extremely well while showing a good portrayal of dealing with grief, and it gave the king that is Jimmy Woo (Randal Park) a chance to shine.

I am very excited for what’s next in the MCU with the mid-credit and post-credit scenes. I just think that the finale was the worst episode of the bunch. My final rating for the second half of “WandaVision” is 85/100.

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