Spring Sports Preview: Softball

Collin Frazier




With Spring sports in full swing, more teams are starting to showcase their skills. This time, the women’s softball team is the team of interest. With a 24-23 2019 season, Head Coach Danielle Lowe is hoping that the strong bats from last season make their return. 


“I liked our hitting. I thought we hit well last year,” said Lowe. “We had some hitters last year that really broke stride. I think we really got a lot of experience; we had some freshmen and sophomore players and do well hitting. [They could] come up with some timely hits. So, I’m excited to see all those hitters back this year and move forward in that area.”


On the other hand, the biggest struggle from last season is the team, despite its plethora of talent, could not quite get the gears rolling. Lowe and the team are hoping to get the footing right this season.


“The team and myself were a little disappointed in last year’s season and I think it has really sparked a flame in us, knowing that we had a lot of talent last year and we didn’t quite get it to where we wanted it to be, but we have a lot of that talent back,” Lowe commented. “We’ve been focusing a lot on team chemistry and playing for each other and doing those smaller things this year so I’m hoping that will help.”


Along with the talent returning, Lowe is also looking forward to the upperclassmen taking up the leadership roles.


“I think our seniors [and] our juniors have stepped up and taken [it] upon themselves to create a positive culture for our program and we’ve talked a lot about it,” Lowe stated. “It starts with them [upperclassmen]; how they want this year to go and how they want that culture [to be].”


With softball games lasting hours, almost all day if it is a doubleheader, the game can be taxing on the athletes. In order to help the athletes both physically and mentally, Lowe trains both the athletes’ minds and bodies.


“We necessarily have some crunch time with the gym, so we don’t necessarily get four hours at a time. What we do is we take our two hours of practice and we try to get them physically going and mentally going because I think the game of softball is a little bit of both,” Lowe said. “We’ll go hard physically for two minutes, and then we’ll have some physical [and] mental stress for a little bit, and then we’ll take a rest. And we’ll do it again in lots of different orders. Right after practice, they sometimes get a short break, sometimes [a] long break, but then we go right into the weight room.”


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