A letter to my college athlete in the midst of COVID-19

The battle against COVID-19 is a serious fight. And it’s taken some things away from the normalcy of our lives. Of course everyone understands the importance of the measures taken to cancel the spring athletic season, It doesn’t make the cancellation any less sad for the athletes and their families, especially the seniors. The following is a letter from Tammy Gould, the mother of senior baseball player at the University of Findlay, Casey Gould.

To My Son-

I had no words.  There were no words that could express your disappointment as a player, and our disappointment as parents, that your senior baseball season was cancelled.  In the scope of world events, it may seem like a small decision to end the baseball season.  But, it was quite a blow to our entire team, coaches and parents. 

Baseball has been such a large part of our family since you were born.  I remember your first days playing baseball in the side yard ALL summer long with your brother and neighborhood kids, the YMCA playing days, the day you and your brother broke our garage window with a baseball, all the years of tournaments and travel, our college visit to the University of Findlay and the look on your face when you knew you were going to play here.  All of these memories came rushing back.

It is going to be difficult to not have baseball anymore. My first instinct was to go through all of your pictures growing up on the field. I have looked at pictures and videos many times and many tears have been shed.  As a parent, there is nothing more important than watching your child do something they love.  We looked forward to this season, one last season.

We came home from the spring Florida baseball trip with high hopes.  We were excited to start watching you play your last games before you start the next chapter of your life.  We had no idea these would literally be your last games.

These are the things I want you to know:

Baseball taught you many things that I want you to carry with you in life.

  1. Be a good teammate. I have seen the brotherhood your team shows. These are life-long relationships you will have.
  2. Be part of something bigger than yourself. Keep the team concept in mind in life as you and your teammates did on the field.
  3. Time management. I’m proud that you managed school/grad school/and baseball all successfully. It is not easy!
  4. Disappointment/failure. Baseball is a game of failure. You went through this latest disappointment as a team- together. I loved that your team played a game of wiffle ball together after hearing the bad news. There are going to be disappointments/failures in life. It is how you react to these that matter.
  5. Always work hard. Whatever you do, work hard.

I’m so proud of you and I’m proud of the way baseball has formed you. 

I will miss watching you on the field on cold, windy days at the Cube.  I will miss getting nervous when you are batting. I will miss our family batting practices in the cages. I will miss videotaping your swing so you can analyze it.  I will miss spending time with other baseball parents. I will miss after-game dinners with everyone. I will miss the lasts that I thought we would have as seniors- the last home game and walking across the field with you on Senior Day.  I will miss feeling pride as you represent your school. I will miss hearing your name announced and your crazy walk-up music. I will miss watching you compete and battle. I will miss cheering for you and our team. I will miss baseball and I will miss you playing baseball.

Love Always,



One thought on “A letter to my college athlete in the midst of COVID-19

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  2. Connie Hein says:

    Fantastic article! I can feel some of your pain, as my son has 1 more year of HS baseball! He was devastated also to say the least! Both of your sons are fantastic individuals and fantastic baseball players! They will do great in whatever they choose to do in life!!

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