Xbox Series X is super-fast, but lacks new games

Review by Dylan Frazier


Truth be told I really wanted a PS5 this time around. The look, the new controller, the launch titles were awesome, and I was really looking forward to snagging one this holiday season. Well, between a limited stock, Wal-Mart letting bots run wild, and everyone else wanting it, I had to “settle” on an Xbox Series X. I’ve been team Xbox since the Xbox 360 came out and I would say I am very loyal when it comes to my products (ie: I only get Samsung phones) but something felt different about the PS5, it just felt next-gen.

So I got the Series X and it loads everything really fast, the 120hz, the upscaling to make anything 4k, and having it be completely backwards compatible with my Xbox One, I was more than ok “settling” and grabbing one.

The thing that immediately jumps out to you is the speed, I mean this thing loads everything so quickly, it’s amazing that this is the technology that gaming consoles have in them now. The games are smooth, the graphics are unreal, and overall, it’s a powerhouse of a system.

Another feature I have liked a lot is the “Quick Resume” feature, it has been handy a few times already. For example, I will be playing a game and decide that I want to play a different one for a little bit. I can come back to the first game and it’ll be like I never stopped playing it. It’s a nice feature, especially when I forget to save where I am in the game.

When I said I wanted a PS5, I mainly wanted it for the launch titles (Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon Souls, and Sackboy to name a few.) Sadly, Xbox was supposed to drop Halo Infinite and that got pushed back all the way to 2021 and that stinks. I’m not much of a Halo guy really, but I was looking forward to playing a new game only on the Series X.

Another issue I have with it, and it may not be Xbox’s fault, is that there are times when I am playing a game and it crashes and shuts my Xbox off. Paying as much as I did, I expected bugs to be fixed but at the same time, it’s a launch console and there will be kinks that need fixed.

Thankfully, Cyberpunk 2077 comes out next week and it’s been my most anticipated game for about three years, and it should take me forever to beat that game and that’s exactly what I want right now.

So far, it’s been a bumpy road for me and my Xbox Series X, but I am sure it’ll flatten itself out over time.

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