The Gentlemen: unique, confusing, and hilarious all in one movie

Dylan Frazier



So far so good this January, with now two very good movies in back to back weeks, it’s nice to see films that are worth going to see. First Bad Boys for Life, now The Gentlemen, I am hopeful this is the sign of what’s to come in 2020…good films throughout the year. While the way the story was told may turn some people off, Guy Ritchie’s latest film has enough humor and twists to keep the audience engaged.

The Gentlemen follows Fletcher (Hugh Grant) telling Raymond (Charlie Hunnam) about how Raymond’s boss, Mickey (Matthew McConaughey), is going to lose everything he has in only a matter of time. I recognize this is a terrible synopsis, but I am doing my best to not give anything away because there’s a lot to this movie.

I think this biggest thing that worked for me were the characters of Fletcher, Raymond, and Mickey because they were all terrific characters in this movie. Each of them brought their own humor and charm to the movie. Fletcher (Grant) was so good in this movie and his role as the puppet master was great. He was so smart and was always thinking about what was next, up until the very last frame of the movie.

But the one who stole the show for me was Colin Farrell’s character of Coach. Farrell’s character was just completely ridiculous, and he was so good in all of his scenes. The first 45 minutes of this movie, he was not in it and it was very slow but as soon as he showed up, the movie picked up immensely and never let up.

I will say between the way is the story is told, which took me a little bit to get used to, is a little off-putting initially. It was just really slow from the start and I had trouble getting into the movie. But once Farrell showed up, I was all in for the movie. The story is unique and different, but to me, it worked well.

Overall, this was a fun heist/crime movie that has just enough humor to keep it light on its feet. I definitely could see someone hating this movie because the way it is told is a little bizarre, but it worked for me. If you have the time, I recommend seeing this movie because The Gentlemen is a fun two-hour experience, especially the last 30 minutes.

MY SCORE: 79/100

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