From Green Hill Zone to the top of the box office

Dylan Frazier



After releasing  what may have been the worst trailer of all time, where a talking hedgehog looked like a demon sent to scare everyone in the universe, Sonic the Hedgehog made my least anticipated movie list. But what Sega, Paramount, and all else involved did that no others seem to do, listen and it paid off tremendously. I’m not one for ‘cancel culture’ or the internet mob that Twitter has created, but in this case, it was the best thing to happen to this movie. I mean it looked horrifying, but that’s all in the past and shockingly Sonic the Hedgehog was a perfectly fine movie.


It follows Sonic after he had to run away from his own planet, to avoid those who want his power of super speed. While he does a very good job at that, over time more and more people learn of him and his powers. Eventually, the U.S. government learns of him and tries to capture him, with the help of the madman Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey).


I think the biggest thing I’ll say for this movie was that it was just a fun time at the movies. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, actually, I think it was really smart and aware of itself, which made it really funny. It had plenty of laughs and action to make up for the lackluster parts, which there were a few.


Jim Carrey going back to the zany 90s version of himself where he just did something and ran with it throughout the movie was a nice change from what he’s been doing. He was the strongest part of this movie as far as acting goes, which truly didn’t take much because the acting wasn’t all the strong, to begin with.


One of the few and easily the biggest issue had nothing to do with the CGI, the script, the acting, or anything like that, it was the absurd amount of product placement this movie had. Ad after ad, the movie tried so hard to include any sponsor they possibly could. It was so forced and so cringy that it completely stopped the movie in its tracks. It was really exhausting, and it completely dragged the movie. In an otherwise fun and fast movie, the product placement was slow and sad.


Sonic is a perfectly serviceable movie and that’s about the best compliment I can give this movie. After the disaster that was the first trailer, that should be completely fine with anyone who made this movie. Do I think you should run as fast as Sonic to see this? No, I don’t, but I think it’s at least worth your time.

My score; 70/100


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