Bad Boys for Life: unnecessary, but surprising

Dylan Frazier


In the sequel that no one asked for, Bad Boys for Life, starring once again Will Smith and Martin Lawrence proves that over the top action and quick quips help save any flaws with the story. Even though I haven’t seen either of the first two, I still found myself enjoying the movie without feeling like I’m missing out by not seeing the other two.

The story begins with Mike Lowrey (Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) debating on what the next chapters of their lives are going to be. Lowrey wants to keep going and plans on just dying while on duty, where Burnett is ready to hang it up for good. But when tragedy strikes, the two join forces again one last time.

First off, the chemistry between Smith and Lawrence is as good as it was when the first two came out in theaters. When they were on screen together, it felt so natural and they fed off each other well. The quips and the back-and-forth between them were so light on their feet and was a joy to watch. I also thought the additions of Kelly (Vanessa Hudgens), Dorn (Alexander Ludwig), and Rafe (Charles Melton) were all great for not only this movie but for any future installments. They too were quick to quip and build on the chemistry Lawrence and Smith already had.

Along with the comedy and chemistry amongst the cast, the action was great in this as well. There were plenty of ridiculous explosions and gunfights to keep you entertained along with the comedy. One scene in particular that involved a helicopter and a Gatling gun was well done. I mean none of the explosions and fights were believable, but they weren’t supposed to be

My only complaint was that the twist the movie, without giving anything away, was a little stupid. Maybe it was just because it didn’t add anything to the story, in my eyes. Sure, it was dumb but it didn’t detract from the overall point of the movie.

You know what you’re getting into with these kinds of movies, just good turn-your-brain-off type of movies and Bad Boys for Life excels at that. In a time of year where good movies coming out is rather scarce, it is nice to see something that wasn’t completely awful.


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