From the writer’s kitchen, to the reader’s hands

Dylan Frazier



On Tues. Jan. 14, the student-led poetry group, From the Writer’s Kitchen, held their magazine release party in front of students and faculty in the English department. This magazine consists of student-created poems as well as photographs taken by members of the group.


Conor Bracken, Assistant Professor of English and the Advisor of the group, is excited to showcase off the work From the Writer’s Kitchen has done.


“Tonight, was the celebration for the release of last semester’s edition [of the magazine],” said Bracken. “So, we’re excited to show everybody all the work the students have put into this.”


The group, while Bracken serves as the Advisor, is truly student-led and that is something that Bracken loves about From the Writer’s Kitchen.


“I’m pretty much there to provide the help they may need in a logistical fashion. Otherwise, it is totally student-run,” said Bracken. “Managing editor, digital editor, all of our readers, [and] the rest of the staff is completely student-run.”


After the semester-long project is completed, Bracken and the rest of the group think of more ways to spread the creative spirit across UF.


“[After the magazine is complete], things tend to be broader [and] we try to figure out things we can do to get out in the community,” said Bracken.


For Bracken, the reason he loves being a part of From the Writer’s Kitchen is the sense of belonging as well as comradery. He especially enjoys all of the students and their creative process of poems


“It’s really fun. I wouldn’t say it’s the biggest time commitment either. I know Findlay students tend to be very busy students. You all are doing a lot of stuff,” said Bracken. “It’s a little more light-hearted as well. It’s a nice way to stay close to the creative spirit that is percolating on campus.


Bracken encourages students who have any sort of interest in poetry to join the group and come to their next meeting.


“It’s pretty easy [to join], you just need to know when a meeting is happening. We sent out a big email last semester and we had a bunch of students show up,” said Bracken. “If she you see someone wearing a ‘From the Writer’s Kitchen” hoodie, ask them about us [because] that’s the best way to do it.”


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