Women of the Future

By: Taylor Christensen

Email- Christensent@findlay.edu

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The Empowerment of Business Oriented Women (BOW) organization at the University of Findlay have just begun their third year as a group on campus. This year’s main focus, “learn constantly, advocate fiercely,”

Their overall mission statement, as stated by their Facebook page, is:

“The University of Findlay Organization for the Empowerment of Business Oriented Women seeks to empower business-oriented females by promoting networking, education, and opportunities between any interested students and outstanding industry professionals.”

Madelynn Greenslade, the Social Chair of the group, likes being a part of the group because it helps break barriers that women have in the world. Greenslade also hopes that being a part of this group will help her in the professional realm as well.

“One great benefit is being able to discuss these topics openly with other colleagues who have the same perspective towards these barriers,” said Greenslade. “Being aware of these issues and advocating them while still in school will also look good to future employers,”

Lily Kamphaus, the President of BOW, hopes that the group can help make the campus a better, more-rounded place for students of all genders.

“The club’s main goal is to promote equality, leadership and networking for UF students. We are open to men and women in any major and encourage diversity,” said Kamphaus.

BOW is partnered with Athena International, an international leadership organization that promotes women in the workplace. This is where the club adopted the saying, “learn constantly, advocate fiercely,”

The club is currently planning out plenty of interesting events that bring awareness to workplace unfairness. A big event coming up in the spring is an annual networking brunch hosted by BOW.

“The brunch allows students to network with professionals in the community we want to help provide skills and leadership knowledge. For students to succeed in the real world,” said Kamphaus.

The main purpose of the group, at least the Kamphaus, is to help make the playing field more equal for women in the world of business.

“Statistics have proven that women are outnumbered in the business world and many other professions, and the women that work in these positions still struggle to find their voice and share their opinions,” said Kamphus. “Our club serves as a way to bridge that gap and help women find their voice.”

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