The Residential Welcome

By: Leah Alsept
The 2019-2020 school year is just underway and students, new and returning, come to Findlay
to either begin, or continue their life as a college student. Multiple worries cross a student’s mind while applying and returning to college.
One of these worries is how to pay for room and boarding. Many students come from states far from Ohio, so living at home is not an option.
Becoming a Resident Assistant (RA) is one option college students have when
deciding where to live. An RA lives on campus and completes rigorous training to get to do what they
do. Resident Directors (RD) are often 2-3rd year students who have experience in being a Resident
Assistant. Dozens of students pledge to take care of their fellow peers in the halls of college campuses.
With schoolwork, jobs, internships, and taking care of an entire floor of students, it may seem like a
daunting task. The process to become an RA at the University of Findlay is much like applying for a job. First, a potential candidate must go to an information session and complete an application to be considered for a position. Then, a group process will take place along with individual interviews for each of the candidates. RA Training for the University of Findlay began on August 4th.
Over your time on campus, students will grow. Whether that be as a person or as a professional
and for AJ Kittle, 3rd year Residence Life and 2018-2019 SGA President, and the he RD for Fox/Meyers,
that is what he loves the most about being an RD at UF.
“You get to watch them grow professionally, as RA’s, but you’ll also get to see them grow as a
person,” said Kittle.
For Molly Newsome, RD for Deming Hall, she really enjoys the friendships and the sense of
togetherness that comes with being an RD.
“It’s a really good way for the RA’s to develop close bonds within training. After training ends,
you’ll see someone walking to class and you automatically know their face and their name, it’s really
Having all those responsibilities from school may hold some people back from joining Residence
Life, but each of the Directors agreed on one thing- being in Residence Life feels like being a part of a
family. Mykayla Ruffing, RD of Deming Hall, says that building connections with staff is an important part
to creating a supportive, familial environment in Residence Life.
“Before you walk through the door as a Residence Life member, you may not know too many
people on campus, but you have 50 people who have your back at all times, who are there to support
you, who want to boost you up,” Ruffing said.
In January 2020, three information sessions will take place in Davis 102 for students looking to
join Residence Life. To get to know Residence Life, visit
affairs/housing-residence-life/ for more information.

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