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By: Emma Smith

Email: smithe11@findlay.edu

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Transitioning from a senior in high school to a freshman can be overwhelming. Students are so used to not only the different people they have known for years, but also the different teachers and how they teach. Each professor in college is different and it can make freshman year seem rough. Fortunately, the University of Findlay is implementing classes to help freshmen transition into this new chapter of their life, with a new incentive as well.


All freshman at the University of Findlay have to take a freshman seminar class. These classes are put on by each individual college and are supposed to make everyone’s transition into college a little easier. During the first few weeks of the Freshman Seminar, Oiler Success Cards were passed out. Oiler Success Cards are orange cards that have 5 stars on them. The idea is to attend at least 5 different workshops and events that the Student Success Center or Buford Center for Diversity and Service put on. There are a variety of events coming up for different types of people, with different interests.


Not a freshman? Don’t worry, you can still participate, just stop by The Buford Center (1222 N. Cory Street), Academic Support Center (Old Main, ground floor), or the Oiler Success Center (122 Old Main, first floor) to pick up a card of your own. Sophomore, Collin Frazier, uses it and it believes it helps him stay focused and help attain his goals.


“The card does not only serve me as an incentive to get different prizes, but it also serves as motivation,” said Frazier. “It may seem kind of crazy but looking at the card and what it represents helps me keep going. It reminds me that I must practice academic integrity because when I graduate, I will need to do my own work in my career. Along with practicing academic integrity, looking at the card reminds me of the different workshops I can attend that will not only help me at Findlay, but also as I go on through my career.”


Have 5 stars on your card? Turn in your card at the Oiler Success Center (Old Main 122, first floor) during any of these times: Fridays from 8am – 5pm, September 20 through November 1   (Must have 5 stars completed for early card turn-in)  or Monday through Friday 8am – 6pm, Monday, November 4, through Friday, November 8  (Cards with 1 – 5 stars accepted this week)

Enter your card in the raffles! You could win over $1000 in prizes! Make sure you have your card turned in by Friday, November 8 at 6:00pm.


 If you are interested in learning more, or seeing upcoming events, go to  www.findlay.edu/successcard to find out more.

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