OilerFit hopes to bring students together while working up a sweat

By: Lindsey Ahbe

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A group of sweaty college students doing squats and pull-ups may be intimidating at first sight, but they are working to improve their overall health and wellness and are having fun doing so.


Alex Gilbert, Co-Coach of OilerFit and third-year Physical Therapy student at the University of Findlay, says that they are trying to spread overall health and wellness through a workout class called The OilerFit.


The OilerFit is a relatively new workout class provided by students at the University of Findlay for other students. Brianna Allen, founder and co-coach of the OilerFit, sees the benefits that working out and specifically that CrossFit can bring to an individual. Allen is a first year Physical Therapy graduation student at the University of Findlay.


“I just want to help people get healthier and stronger,” Allen said.


Allen started the OilerFit when she saw that there were no workout classes that involved weights.


“I started OilerFit [in] the spring semester of 2017. I realized that there were no fitness classes that included weights and I wanted to give people a chance to learn weightlifting in a fun environment,” said Allen. “I am very passionate about CrossFit and thought it would be a great opportunity to share that with others.” 


Allen and Gilbert work together to provide different workouts to the students that attend the OilerFit classes.


CrossFit is the main form of workouts that the group does during their class. “CrossFit is a great fitness modality because it incorporates strength, endurance, and power all into one workout. It also incorporates Olympic lifting, typical strength exercise, plyometrics, gymnastics and cardio into the exercise program,” Allen said.  


CrossFit is defined as a type of workout that involves varied, functional movements executed at a high intensity.


Allen says that she enjoys CrossFit because of how different each workout can be.


“CrossFit is great because you never get bored. No workout is ever the same and there is always something to get better at,” said Allen.


Allen also makes sure that each workout is personalized to each individual, if need be. “The best part about CrossFit is its universal scalability so any fitness level can participate in any workout,” said Allen.


“The workouts can be difficult, but Bree always makes sure to scale back the workouts for anyone who isn’t comfortable with the movements. She makes sure everyone has a personalized experience,” said Michelle Boysel, a student that regularly attends the OilerFit classes.


Boysel also agrees that the class has made her healthier and stronger.


“I have gotten a lot stronger. At the end of every semester we do a max out day and my one rep max has significantly improved within the four years I have been doing OilerFit,” said Boysel.


The workout group also provides a way to meet new people and make new friends. Boysel said that she has made friends with everyone who regularly comes to the classes.


Allen agrees that building relationships and having a sense of community within the class has been a vital part of OilerFIt.


“We have a great group of ‘OilerFitters’ that have become great friends who otherwise would have probably never met,” said Allen.


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