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By: Abigail Frye


Whether you’re a struggling student begging your roommate not to get you sick or a professor trying to keep your distance from the rest of the class, flu season affects everyone. According to staff at the University of Findlay, it doesn’t have to.

Julia Yingling, the Director of Health Services at the University of Findlay, has tips for college students to stay healthy and how to take care of any flu symptoms that might occur.

“Flu is carried in droplets and wherever they end up that’s where they are transmitted,” said Yingling. “So if you can wash your hands and keep them clean it will help.”

Yingling also mentioned the advantages of getting the flu shot to prevent getting sick this season. The Cosiano Health Center on UF’s campus offers flu shots for a small fee, though the supplies are limited.

“We are down to one more dose of the flu vaccine, but we will get another large shipment in September,” said Yingling.

There are many other places in Findlay that offer free flu shots with an insurance card, leaving it up to the students on where they would like to go.

If you believe that you may already have flu symptoms, Yingling encourages students to get it checked out to prevent the spreading of any sickness.

Yingling explained, “If someone has the symptoms that they feel are flu like, they need to be seen and have an assessment.”

At Cosiano, students will be checked from head to toe and be asked some questions to determine if it is the flu or not, though it may be unlikely as there has been a low number of actual flu cases and more instances of respiratory problems and colds.

“Generally speaking we maybe have had a handful, meaning five or less true cases of the flu, and we see 10,000 patients a year,” said Yingling. The best things to do if the flu suspected include getting hydrated, resting, and making sure your body gets plenty of nutrients.

“The flu will have symptoms of a fever above 101 with a cough, extreme fatigue so you can’t get out of bed, general malaise and no energy,” said Yingling. The recommended medicine for this case would be Tylenol or ibuprofen to help lower the fever.

According to the University of Findlay’s website, Cosiano Health Center is free, takes walk-ins, and doesn’t require insurance. They also have free over-the-counter medications for students and faculty. If a student is feeling under the weather they can visit 120 W. Foulke Ave. and is open during the academic year from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.



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