UF Men’s team success does not stop at broken records

By Brady Wildermuth

Email: wildermuthb@findlay.edu

The Findlay Oilers Men’s Golf team is off to a hot start. Currently, they have won every tournament they have participated in, except for the Doc Spragg Fall Invitation, where they lost by only one stroke.  They look to extend that success through the fall season. With their GMAC Fall Invitational win in Owensboro, KY, the team broke their previous record by shooting 12-under par.

Being almost perfect in tournament play so far has given the men a lot of confidence going into next week. Sam Griffith, a senior on the team, says the team chemistry has led to their success on the course as well as overall team depth.

“I’ve never been around a team that is this deep, as far as talent,” Griffith says. “This has all built up from freshman year, we have gotten better and closer. Adding new, solid players to our culture has helped lead to our success.”

Sophomore, Caleb Westfall, has been a key factor for the Oilers for the past two years. He agrees that the run they have been on this season has been great for him and the rest of the team. But he also had the confidence in himself and in the team to do all of this.

“Everyone on this team knew we were capable of breaking some records but going out an doing it is a different thing. Having my name and my teammates, my friends, on some records is really cool.” Westfall said. “In the end, I think this team has a chance to make a national championship run.”

Assistant Coach Justin Roth, who played golf at UF, has been very proud of the team so far. He admires the depth, but also thought this may the year where they would have success like they are having now

“We had a feeling this would be a good year, we had key guys returning,” Roth said. “Our program has never seen a team this deep, even outside of the top six. This is definitely the deepest we have ever been on both teams.”

“Our goal is to get better and closer as a team every day, as well as maintaining a 3.5 team GPA,” Roth said. “Our destinations are set high, winning conference then the regional, eventually making it to the national championship.”

The Oilers, having an almost perfect record so far, look to take back the GMAC championship after being runner-up last year. After the winter break, the Oilers will pick up the competitive season with national championship aspirations in the spring. With a team this deep and chemistry that can’t be shaken, look for the Oilers to take this season all the way through the end of spring.

Roth, Griffith, Westfall, and the rest of the team will wrap up their fall season this upcoming Sunday and Monday, Oct.13 and 14, at Motor City Invitational in Dearborn, MI.

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