Kicking it to the postseason

By: Madi DeVries


The University of Findlay Women’s Soccer team has had a record-breaking season so far, clinching their first ever G-MAC regular season championship against Tiffin. But they are hoping for much more success in the postseason.

The Oilers, voiced by redshirt freshman midfielder, Maddie Humble, say that winning the G-MAC regular season championship has been extremely rewarding.

 “To win the G-MAC for the first time in this program’s NCAA history is something that I think our entire team will cherish forever. It was also nice to see all of our hard work pay off. Not only that, but it was great to win it with our senior class,” said Humble. “They have faced so much adversity throughout their four years, and I am so happy that they got to go out with a G-MAC championship under their belt.”

Both Humble and sophomore defender, Adele Stradling, share the sentiment that whoever shows up and brings their best performance on game day will come out on top.

“When it comes down to important games like these it could really be anybody’s game. We just have to show up and show all our hard work and effort that we give every day,” said Stradling.

Both players feel that their team chemistry has aided them in their success and will continue to be doing so. Humble and Stradling also mentioned that once the women’s soccer team got over the initial shock and joy about winning the regular season championship, they immediately shifted gears and started looking to prepare for their next match.

Humble believes that every player on the roster has contributed to their continued success on the field.

“I think that every single person on this team is valuable. Our team is a family, and everyone plays a certain role,” said Humble. “Even those who are just ‘practice players’ contribute to the success of the ‘starting players’ by challenging them and helping them get better in practice.”

Humble followed up by mentioning her pride for the new players on the team in that process of growth. It has made them stronger from top to bottom.

“All of our freshmen have had such an impact on our team this year. They have brought so much depth to this program and have also helped the rest of the team grow as players,” Humble said.

Both Stradling and Humble are taking a calm and relaxed mentality into their next game, citing the desire to play for each other and how that will lead to great things. Both players are extremely proud of where this team has been so far and are even more so looking forward to the strides this team will make into the postseason.

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