Gearing Up for the Home Stretch

Abigail Frye


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The University of Findlay Volleyball team is gearing up to take on the GMAC (Great Midwest Athletic Conference). The Oilers currently have a record of 5-9 but are 2-0 in conference games. With 20 members on the team and various levels of experience, the team is well-rounded and excited to play.

The team has four seniors for this season including Jenna Delarber, a middle blocker, Shelby Kin, a left side hitter, and Natalie Regula and McKenzie Gunner, both serving as defensive specialists.

Coach Wick Colchagoff is looking forward to the season with the new leadership.

“Each year, we turn to the seniors on the team for leadership on the team and this year will be no different,” said Colchagoff. “Shelby Kin is our most decorated senior and we actually changed positions on her [twice] so she’s playing left side for us this year and she’s really growing into that position. Jenna Delarber is a middle hitter who has seen quite a bit of time and is doing a really good job for us in the middle. Natalie Regula is a DS who comes in to play some back row for us and McKenzie Gunner is a DS as well and she provides a lot of great experience for us.”

Each season of brings new leaders, new teammates, and a new type of chemistry to the team. This year is no different for UF, but it only makes exciting new opportunities for the oilers.

“[The chemistry] is different every year and this year we have a few transfers also so that adds a different vibe, if you will, to the chemistry of the team,” said Colchagoff.

UF Volleyball has many different strengths and weaknesses as every athletic team does, so far this season has shown what all the Oilers are capable of.

“I think our biggest strength is how we’re going to continue to grow as the season goes along and learn,” said Colchagoff. “In no way, shape, or form are we today what we will be in November.”

There are new challenges to be faced every year, too, and Coach Colchagoff is ready to battle them head on.

“We have played a very difficult schedule up to this point,” explained Colchagoff. “It’s the 15th ranked schedule in the country and everyone learning new positions or just learning how to be on the court and be successful has been a challenge, but the team has continued to grow.”

This season means more to Coach Colchagoff than simply being named the winners as he expressed what he is truly interested in.

“Keep in mind that the progress that we make is more important than the wins and losses in the pre-season and that’s what they’ve done so we’re pretty excited to get on with the conference schedule,” Colchagoff said.

The team prepares for their biggest rival, Hillsdale, as they have in years past. Hillsdale currently has a conference record of 2-0 as well and will play against the Oilers on Oct. 4.

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