Not Just a Normal Game of Hide n’ Seek

By: Dylan Frazier, Pulse Editor
Twitter: @dylanfrazier44
When you think of Hide and Seek, you think of the harmless game of finding someone. People of all ages  can play this game and have a ton of fun. But imagine playing it or it’s your life, doesn’t sound fun right? While it may take that harmless game and turn it into a devilish game, where you die if you’re found, Ready or Not is a hilarious dark comedy that kills it.
Ready or Not begins when we see the marriage of Grace (Samara Weaving) and Alex Le Domas (Mark O’ Brien). They have a wonderful wedding ceremony, but what Grace doesn’t know is that she is about to marry into a very messed up family, with messed up rituals. Every time someone marries into the Le Domas family, they have to play a game the night of their wedding. Sometimes, the games they play are harmless. Well, let’s say that the game Grace played wasn’t exactly harmless…
I was surprised how much I laughed at this movie, but in a good way. I understand that dark comedies aren’t for everyone because they deal with such taboo topics, but I loved it. They talk about sacrifices and killing people quite often, but in a way that was so messed up and hilarious that I couldn’t help but laugh. When people died in this movie, the people who were still alive were so numb to it. They made the deaths so inconsequential because the rest of them were like “Oh, they died…oh well, it happens,” it was hilarious.
What surprised me even more was how much I liked Adam Brody’s portrayal of Alex’s older brother, Daniel De Lomas. Daniel tried to protect Alex for as long as they were together, and he knew how messed up his family was. He did everything he could to help Alex and Grace up until the end. The movie did a great job making him easy to root for.
But that’s not to say Samara Weaving as Grace wasn’t good because she was terrific. Weaving was hilarious and delivered her lines wonderfully. You can’t help but feel awful for her and that’s because Weaving made Grace a character than you couldn’t help but root for. All Grace wanted to do was get married and live a happy life with the man she loved but she just had to draw the wrong game card. From getting shot in the hand to getting stabbed in the arm, Grace went through it all, but it pays off in the end for her.
If you don’t like dark comedies, I don’t know if you will really like this movie in that regard. It is pretty messed up at times, not in a bad way, it just makes taboo issues really ridiculous. However, if you are into horror movies this movie is very tense at times and leaves you holding your breath. So, while it may feel a little long at the beginning, the last hour and a half of Ready or Not is a great blend of dark comedy and gruesome deaths that will leaving you laughing out of the theater.

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