It’s about time it’s less than 90 outside

Leah Alsept


Twitter: @l_mac0913


Cold weather has finally arrived in Findlay. I was waiting for what seemed like centuries for it to get even a bit chilly. I checked the weather every day, hoping, praying that the 80-degrees would inch down to 70s or 60s. Then it became the first day of Fall. And then we had another almost 90-degree day outside.

Don’t get me wrong, warm weather is awesome. Some people really enjoy warm weather like what we had and probably lamented when the first day of chills blew through town. But I don’t care about that, I wanted it to be cold, no lengthy summers for me.

In September, I tried to wear my newly thrifted sweaters and every time I walked outside my dorm with them, I had to change right after my first class because the sweaty fabric stuck to my back. I even noticed the trees leaves were staying green and not falling because it was so warm outside. The leaves wouldn’t turn colors! The horror!

Searching desperately as to a reason why it was so warm during September, I typed into Google a simple phrase, seeking answers: “why was it so warm during September 2019.”

I received almost 415,000,000 results, with the top two being the Washington Post and USA Today publishing articles that this September had been the hottest one on record. Scrolling down, it seems like multiple publications agree— it was really warm during September.

USA Today directed me to the Copernicus Climate Change Service, which told me that this September was 1.02 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than average Septembers, from 1981-2010.

I knew something was up. It was just TOO hot, way too hot during the end of September. I couldn’t tell you how devastated I was during those final days of the month when I saw it might get over 90-degrees outside.

It has grown chilly since we’ve turned the page into October. The air bites my nose and tells me to bundle up because colder weather is coming. I was so thankful that I didn’t have to run back to my dorm because of my sweaty sweaters. Sometimes, I don’t think we appreciate how things are until we lose them. I will certainly appreciate the wonderful weather of Fall and all the things that come with it (even the endless pumpkin spice craze) now that I have experienced what seems to be one of the warmest Septembers on record.

I am hopeful that I can finally say goodbye to the warm weather of September, and say hello to the greatest season (and weather) of all; Fall.

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