Good Boys is a Good One

By: Dylan Frazier


Twitter: @dylanfrazier44

From the minds that brought you Superbad and Neighbors,Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s latest project, Good Boys, follows three childhood friends on their journey to their first middle school party. With a lot of charm and several hilarious moments, Rogen and Goldberg have done it again with their latest film.

The story follows Max (Jacob Tremblay) trying to go to a middle school party with his best
friends, Lucas (Keith L. Williams) and Thor (Brady Noon), or what they like to call themselves,
the Bean Bag Boys. What the Bean Bag Boys soon run into is crazy scenarios, almost dying, and
fighting a fraternity, getting to the party becomes the easy part.
What I really enjoyed with this movie were the Bean Bag Boys. All three of them brought
something unique the group dynamic. Max was the overly-confident member of the group who
thought he could do anything and not have to worry about the repercussions. Lucas was the
voice of reason in the group. He truly cared about his friends and wanted them all to get along.
Thor was the member of the group who didn’t really know what he wanted out of himself. He
did things that he didn’t want to do in order to be popular and he hates himself for it. It made
for a wonderful trio and they were terrific on-screen together. Child actors can either make or
break movies and these three knocked it out the park.
For me, I really enjoyed the message this movie portrayed, which was growing up and growing
apart is normal, and it’s a part of life. The Bean Bag Boys do everything together, they mention
that several times in the movie, they’re inseparable. But about midway through the movie, they
begin to realize that they only hang out so much is because they’re all neighbors. There begins
to be some friction in the group, and it comes to a head when they all argue and storm off.
They meet each other at the party and soon realize that they all have different paths in life, and
it’s meant to be this way. They are all three still best friends, but they understand that people
don’t have to always be around, in order to be friends.
The way they portrayed how growing up is tough was so well done in this movie and anyone can relate to how friendships can change over time. I think just about anyone can enjoy this movie simply because of how relatable the story is.
Everyone grows up and it can be tough at times. But with great laughs and a ton of heart,Good Boys
helps give the comedy genre a breath of fresh air.

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