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By: Abigail Frye


Twitter: @Abigail_EF

Everyone knows the tales of Hercules or Achilles, but does anyone know the story of Eurydice? Well, the University of Findlay has a show for you with their production of Eurydice.


The tragedy opens on Sept. 26 and runs through Sept. 29 with various times for students and the community to enjoy. The play tells of the tragic love between Eurydice, the daughter of Apollo and Orpheus, a musician and poet. The story follows the untimely death of Eurydice and the lengths of which Orpheus is willing to go to for love. The play, originally written in 2003, gives the audience a world of wonder as characters travel from the Overworld to the Underworld and explore the mythical world played out before them.


 Students have prepared for quite some time to give UF the best production possible. Jack Yeater, Sophomore Theatre and Journalism/Digital Media double major expressed just how much the cast and crew has been working.


 “We began rehearsals on August 21 but the design team, including the director, have been working on the show since the beginning of July,” said Yeater.


 Each production takes time and dedication, and each of the four productions every academic year gets the right amount of preparation. With 37 University of Findlay students, there was much that went into organizing and practicing this performance as it runs at one and a half hours altogether.


Many are excited for this upcoming tragedy, including Yeater, who has already taken part in five productions while at UF.


“I’m most looking forward to the audience’s reactions to the many beautiful, show-stopping moments this show has to offer,” expressed Yeater.


Though the sights have remained a surprise to the audience, it only raises the level of excitement. Each and every performance is different for the cast and audience with new twists to make the show a sight to see.


“The aspect which stands out to me is how abstract this show is. Seeing as how we go from the Overworld to the Underworld in a matter of a minute makes for a very different theatre experience, and it looks so great,” said Yeater. “My favorite part of this production has been the opportunity to play a different character than I usually do. I play Eurydice’s Father, which a much more serious role than I’m used to.”


 The University of Findlay offers many different opportunities to those who find an interest in theatre. It offers one-on-one experience with professors to train the actors to be their best, giving the best show possible for UF and the community.


With so many opportunities, students find their home within the UF Theatre program. Yeater explained just how much Findlay has given him.


“Theatre has given me so many opportunities to push myself creatively. We are blessed to have the resources we do, and I am so glad to be able to create such beautiful pieces of work with some of my best friends.”


Eurydice will be performed on Sept. 26 and Sept. 27 at 7 p.m., Sept. 28 at 8 p.m., and on Sept.29 at 2 p.m. at the Powell-Grimm Theater in Egner.

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