Putting a nail in it: Purple for a cause

Olivia Wile




Domestic violence isn’t a topic that’s easy to talk about, but it’s one being highlighted by the color

On Nov. 13, students at the University of Findlay could have their ring fingernail painted purple as part of the “Put the Nail in It” campaign.

Bethany Treece, Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Manager at Open Arms, of Findlay, explains the meaning behind the nail.

“The purple nail is for people to ask, ‘why is your nail purple’ and it helps raise awareness for the domestic violence,” said Treece.

Kim Lichtveld, Oilers Changing Campus Culture Deputy Director for Prevention and Education, explained the importance of bringing events like this to campus.

“I think it’s important to bring to UF because as part of Title IX, and part of education prevention team, it’s really important for us to educate our students on what’s happening out in the community and what resources are available to them,” said Lichtveld.

Resources include Open Arms, an off-campus domestic violence and rape crisis center. Treece, who works with these victims regularly, says the “Put the Nail in It” campaign is important because it works to start a conversation that doesn’t get brought up enough.

“I think it’s important because I don’t think people realize how much domestic violence is really happening in the world let alone our own small community,” said Treece.
“Domestic violence is happening everywhere as far as dating relationships, up into marriage and people who maybe have children together. People just don’t know the services that are involved in the community as well.”

As for how Open Arms works to help these victims, Treece says there are a variety of services.

“We serve individuals who have been affected by domestic violence and sexual assault,” explained Treece. “We have a shelter program, we have a prevention program where we go out and speak to different schools and different agencies about healthy relationships.”

Lichtveld, who is serving her first year in the OC3 position, hopes to foster and bring attention to healthy relationships through Title IX-sponsored events like “Put the Nail in It.”

“Just to bring awareness to the nine prohibitive conducts that Title IX covers, it allows us to show what prevention programming we have on campus and what education we have on campus,” concluded Lichtveld.

If you or anyone else is experiencing domestic violence, contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or if you need immediate help please contact local authorities.


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