Pay scale for new UF grads is right on track

By: Pulse Staff

Students at the University of Findlay may take comfort in knowing that new UF graduates are on track with the rest of the nation in average starting salary.

Alexis Binder , the assistant director for the Center for Career & Professional Development, says that according to UF’s Outcomes Survey, the average starting salary of 2016-2017 respondents and 2017-2018 respondents is $44,600. This is based on 68.2 percent and 69 percent response rates, respectively.

Binder says they send the Outcomes Survey monthly to each graduating class from one month prior to graduation through six months post-graduation. calculates salary information from millions of people who have taken the PayScale Salary Survey and indicated where they earned their bachelor’s degree, according to the Payscale website. The data is not narrowed by graduation year, but it lists new UF grads at an average salary of $49,200 a year. For comparison, the website lists salaries for Ohio Dominican University and Heidelberg University grads at $46,000, Tiffin University at $44,600, and Ashland University at $44,200 for comparison. Ohio Northern University is listed at $54,000.

LendEDU analyzed more than 7,000 responses from college students using data licensed from College Pulse, and found most respondents expected to earn $60,000 upon graduation when the reality is closer $50,000.

LendEDU describes itself asa marketplace for private student loans, student loan refinancing, credit cards, and personal loans and College Pulse, as an online survey and research platform.

Binder says UF’s job placement rate or success rate was 78 percent in 2017 and 81 percent in 2018.

Binder says the CCPD office tries not to set a certain salary expectation for Findlay students.

“We don’t typically give students any numbers ourselves,” said Binder. “Instead, we encourage them to do their own research and speak to individuals within that job function/industry to get an idea about what they can expect to earn.”


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